Exam Results


Staff and students have worked hard to achieve some excellent examination results for summer 2016. The results below are provisional due to awaiting national data.
This is the first year that the success of schools is judged against the four new measures of English and Mathematics, Attainment 8, Progress 8 and the Ebacc.

In August 2016, we achieved the following:

  • Progress 8 score: 0.3
  • Attainment 8 score: 47.91 (Grade C-)
  • Percentage of pupils who got a good pass in English and Maths: 59%
  • Percentage of pupils achieving the English Baccalaureate combination of subjects (this means pupils who got a GCSE grade C or above in English, Maths, 2 Sciences, a language, and History or Geography): 14% (16.5% of our students were entered for the Ebacc)
  • Student ‘destinations’ (the percentage of students who continue in education or training, or move on to employment at the end of 16 to 19 study): 98%

Our highlights included:

  • Excellent Science performances: Chemistry 100%, Additional Science 96%, Triple Science 88%
  • Superb results in English 82%, Art 98%, French 85%, Music 79% and Maths 63%


Message from the Headteacher

These results are extremely pleasing and I am proud of all the students and their achievements over the past year. We have maintained our excellent track record for the academic progress that our students make above the national expectation. I would like to congratulate the students, their parents and our staff as the hard work and resilience shown by all, has produced significant outcomes that will support the continued development of our young people. We have high expectations of all our students and we will continue to grow them through the high quality curriculum and care that we provide.
Well done everyone!

Our top scholars with 8 A*/A grades:

Ruth Ogundamisi, Job Ryder, Madeleine Joliffe, Suha Abdullahi and Bruna Rocha Manero.

ruth-ogundamisi job-ryder madeleine-joliffe

suha-abdullahi bruna-rocha-manera

Upcoming Exam Information


REMINDER: Thursday 20th July is the AMSI production of GREASE!