Arts & Media School Islington is a Foundation Trust School. On the board of trustees are, Jill Barton (Chair), Susan Service, John Prince, Steve Moffitt, Mary Kalemkerian, Adam Nell, Lyndsey Pugh, David Hagarty, Mark Owen, Carol Fletcher, Stephen Davis, and Victoria Phillips. The Trustees are keen to see facilities, such as the theatre, used as a resource for the local community and host an Education Lecture each year.

The governing body is responsible for ensuring that Arts & Media School is run to promote pupil achievement and delivers a quality educational experience.

Its duties include:

  • Setting strategic direction, policies and objectives.
  • Approving the school budget.
  • Reviewing progress against the school’s budget and objectives.
  • Appointing, challenging and supporting the headteacher.

The governing body is made up of:

  • Parent Governors (elected by parents).
  • Staff Representatives (elected by school staff).
  • Local Authority Governors (appointed by the local authority).
  • Community Governors (members of the local community appointed by the governing body).
  • Governing bodies make their decisions based on the advice of committees that deal with specific issues, such as the school’s curriculum, premises or finances.

We currently have a vacancy for a Parent Governor on our school’s governing body.

For more information and to download the nomination form please follow the link below:


The nomination form will need to be completed and returned to the school.

You can contact the governing body via the school office.

Select each governor to view profile.

Flora Goldhill    

Carol Fletcher  Julie Whitaker  Oli Sharp

David Trillo  Victoria Phillips  

Renny Raphael-Campbell  Jill Barton  Truman Lawson  

Freddie Hudson: Co-opted

Anthony Latchana: Co-opted

Rosie Wild: Foundation

Cindy Owens: Co-opted

Tina Arnrvig: Parent

Record of Interests: October 2016

HEADSusan ServiceEx-officioResources CommitteeEx-Officio: by virtue of holding the office of head teacher3/322/11/16None
STAFFTruman Lawson27/03/17Teaching and Learning Committee, Pastoral CommitteeElected by staff2/306/03/16None
PARENTTina ArnvigTeaching and Learning CommitteeElected by parents2/210/01/17None
PARENTVacancyResources CommitteeElected by parents
LAKayte Lawton
Vice Chair
12/11/17Vice Chair of GB
Chair of Teaching and Learning Committee
Nominated by LB Islington and appointed by the Governing Board3/316/03/16Employee Save the Children UK
FOUNDATIONCarol Fletcher10/12/18Teaching and Learning CommitteeAppointed by the Board of Trustees3/316/03/16None
FOUNDATIONOliver Sharp10/12/18Teaching and Learning Committee,
Resources Committee
Appointed by the Board of Trustees0/3Yes 21/10/15None
FOUNDATIONJulie Whittaker10/12/18SEND.
Chair of Pastoral Committee
Appointed by the Board of Trustees1/316/03/16None
FOUNDATIONRosie Wild16/03/2020Teaching and Learning Committee, Resources CommitteeAppointed by the governing board2/2TBCTBC
CO-OPTEDFreddie Hudson06/06/17Pastoral CommitteeAppointed by the governing board2/3Yes 21/10/15None
CO-OPTEDDavid Trillo09/07/18Chair of Resources CommitteeAppointed by the governing board3/316/03/16None
CO-OPTEDVictoria Phillips09/07/18Safeguarding
Teaching and Learning Committee,
Pastoral Committee
Appointed by the governing board1/316/03/16Partner Thompsons Solicitors
Trustee Tottenham Grammar School foundation
CO-OPTEDAndrew Mistry16/03/2020Resources CommitteeAppointed by the governing board2/3
CO-OPTEDFlora Goldhill
27/03/17Chair of GB
Pastoral Committee, Resources Committee
Appointed by the governing board3/316/03/16Director of Children, Families & Communities
Dept. of Health
Spouse part owns ZANRAN Data and Statistical Search Engine
CO-OPTEDRenny Raphael-Campbell18/03/19Teaching and Learning CommitteeAppointed by the governing board0/316/03/16None
CO-OPTEDAnthony Latchana18/03/19Pastoral Committee, Resources CommitteeAppointed by the governing board2/316/03/16None
CO-OPTEDCindy Owens08/12/2019Teaching and Learning Committee, Resources CommitteeAppointed by the governing board3/315/01/17None
ASSOCIATEJill Barton16/03/2020Chair of Board of Trustees
Teaching and Learning Committee
Appointed by the Board of Trustees2/3YesNone



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