Arts & Media School Islington is a Foundation Trust School. On the board of trustees are, Steve Moffitt (Interim Chair), Jill Barton, Susan Service, John Prince, Mary Kalemkerian, Adam Nell, Lyndsey Pugh, David Hagarty, Carol Fletcher and Stephen Davis. The Trustees are keen to see facilities, such as the theatre, used as a resource for the local community and host an Education Lecture each year.

The governing body is responsible for ensuring that Arts & Media School is run to promote pupil achievement and delivers a quality educational experience.

Its duties include:

  • Setting strategic direction, policies and objectives.
  • Approving the school budget.
  • Reviewing progress against the school’s budget and objectives.
  • Appointing, challenging and supporting the headteacher.

The governing body is made up of:

  • Parent Governors (elected by parents).
  • Staff Representatives (elected by school staff).
  • Local Authority Governors (appointed by the local authority).
  • Community Governors (members of the local community appointed by the governing body).
  • Governing bodies make their decisions based on the advice of committees that deal with specific issues, such as the school’s curriculum, premises or finances.

You can contact the governing body via the school office.

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PARENTKristine (Tine) Arnvig
PARENTAnthony Latchana
LAKayte Lawton (Chair)
FOUNDATIONSteven Berryman (Vice Chair)
FOUNDATIONCarol Fletcher
FOUNDATIONJulie Whittaker
CO-OPTEDVacancy x 2
CO-OPTEDFlora Goldhill
CO-OPTEDFreddie Hudson
CO-OPTEDBryan Johnston
CO-OPTEDAndrew Mistry
CO-OPTEDCindy Owens
CO-OPTEDDavid Trillo
CLERKNPW Governor Services (Irfan Mustafa, Manager)

Record of Interests: To be confirmed


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