Ignacio Castillo Acosta – Peer & Exchange Development

PED: Inspirational teachers who work across the school helping raise standards of teaching and learning through teach-meets, developmental observations, learning trios, learning duos and coaching of staff.

Castillo Acosta, Ignacio ICAx

Head of MFL

School profile

I’m always looking for new pedagogical approaches and strategies that allow me to establish a fluent communication between students and teachers.

I’ve been obsessed with classroom management since I had a class, some years ago in a far universe, where I was scared of teaching them because I couldn’t control them. A consultant started coming to my room and giving me some advice. In a couple of sessions they’d helped me to gain back control of the class. This experience showed me how importantmit was to be observed by a peer and accept that there are moments when you need some help.

I’ve taught in 5 different countries, and in all kinds of environments; this makes me very adaptable to any system in short time.


  • Part of PED meeting 1; designing the new Open Door policy. Sept 2015
  • Delivered a session on BFL in whole school Teach-meet. October 2015:

          Engaging students – Call & Response techniques

“I was totally onboard and engaged in the activity, I couldn’t not join in with the rest of the group”

Drama Teacher

  • Part of the 1st Open Door developmental observations for all staff. Oct 2015
  • Helped advise teachers in preparation for the Ofsted style lesson observations: 1:1 planning and feedback. Nov 2015

Do you have other suggestions for what the PED team ought to be leading on?

Helping to develop or modify the Teachers Evaluation System, in order to get a more subjective assessment. Currently the decision is mainly on SLT, a shared decision with PED team and faculty would be suitable.


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