Liam Errington – Peer Exchange & Development

Errington, Liam LERxHead of Sport & Nutrition

School Profile

I have been teaching for 12 years. I am an outstanding teacher. I line manage PE, Dance & Food Tech. I really enjoy teaching, and while I am young & fit enough, I like the idea of teaching our sports stars of the future. (Oct 14)

I’d like to give more support with behaviour, coaching and mentoring.



Teacher Feedback

“Liam gave me some very useful, helpful feedback from my lesson observation.”

Arts & Media School teacher 2015

In order of interest:

  1. Be filmed as part of on-going work into BFL and AFL
  2. Contribute to carousel style insets for groups of teachers showing outstanding practice both in school & outside of school
  3. Work in ‘Learning trios’ – peer observation in 3’s
  4. Undertake courses in coaching and mentoring in your subject
  5. Take a lead in a Teach Meet
  6. Help steer the direction of T&L within the school
  7. Undertake a research work project
  8. Be part of an on-going series of input for beginning teachers
  9. Mentor underperforming staff
  10. Coach aspiring staff
  11. Have your assessment photographed for an on-going library of dialogic marking

Autumn 2014

  • Observed and supported with a PED T&L support plan.

Spring 2015

  • Contributed to discussion on the IAMS Teaching & Learning Policy.

Black History Celebration Evening