Pathway 1 – Aspiring Leaders, Lead Practitioner, Outstanding Teacher, UPS 3

Opportunities to;

  • Be a part of the PED team that helps share outstanding practice and steer the T&L agenda across the school
  • Lead a Learning trio – peer observation in 3’s
  • Be filmed as an outstanding practitioner as part of on-going video resource into BFL and AFL
  • Have your assessment & feedback photographed for an on-going library of dialogic marking
  • Contribute to carousel style insets for groups of teachers showing outstanding practice both in school & in another school
  • Take a lead in a teach Meet in school & in another
  • Undertake a research work project in school and present in another
  • Help steer the direction of CPD in the school
  • Mentor underperforming staff
  • Coach aspiring staff
  • Be part of an on-going series of input for Beginning teachers
  • Undertake courses in coaching and mentoring in your subject

Timetable: Week 1 - Mon 14th