Pupil Premium Strategy

Aspiration is one of the cornerstones of Arts & Media School Islington and is integral to our community of young scholars. In creating a supportive environment and providing an excellent education, we believe that a student’s background should be no obstacle to their education and their commitment to learn. At Arts & Media School a desire for knowledge and a thirst for learning are the key tools a child needs to realise their potential and succeed in achieving or exceeding their goals.


Pupil premium was introduced in 2011 to contribute to the raising of achievement for children with disadvantaged backgrounds.

Current number of pupils on roll
Funding Received
Y7 Catch-Up Funding
Current number of pupils on roll with access to Pupil Premium Funding including EVER 6 (%)
384 = 61% of pupils

How is our pupil premium spent 2017-18?

At Arts and Media every child is a scholar!  We provide a robust curriculum and sound pastoral care that facilitates the academic success of all pupils.  With this in mind, we provide the following intervention strategies, without discrimination, to ensure that the gap in progress and attainment for those children who are at a disadvantage.

InterventionCostImpactSuccess CriteriaEvidence
Literacy Intervention targeted pupils work individually and in small groups with the RWC(Reading, Writing and Communication)team. This is across all year groups.

Our Library is now open before school and during lunchtime and after school, allowing pupils to read and work at their own leisure. The sessions are valued and well attended.

English Teacher




● Pupils oral and written skills improve.
● Pupils language development excels
● Knowledge and experience of a wide range of text empowers pupils to expand their own access to all types of media.
● Anxieties lower as competency improves – therefore confidence grows across peer groups.
● Progress and attainment improves and confidence in exams increases.
● Appreciation for the English Language increases.
● Through marking and feedback in books.
● Pupil progression through our age appropriate reading schemes.
● Verbal and written communication skills are evident in and out of class.
● Examination results.
● Gap is shown to close through close monitoring of data and further intervention placed at appropriate times.
● Case Studies for targeted pupils
● Data on progression through reading scheme.
● Pupil feedback
● Learning Walks
Revision Classes
Extended learning takes place during our revision classes – we target those pupils who require extra help and these classes are held during school holidays and on Saturdays.
Targeted children are required to attend and attendance is monitored closely.
Staff Overtime




● Differentiated learning objectives given in order to enable pupils to revise effectively.
● Pupils aware of purpose and outcomes of lessons. With this comes ownership of personal achievement.
● Confidence raises and learning is focused.
● Feedback is given in order that children know how to move forward with their own learning journey
● Exam results improve.
● Teachers notice a growth in confidence and active learning within the classroom.
● Data shows progress and the gap closing between peers.
● Behaviour improves as children strive to improve further.
● Improved test results.
● Gap in progress and attainment closes.
● Exam results improve.
● Schemes of Work
● Attendance Levels at Saturday and Easter School
● Exam Analysis 2016 & 2017
Summer School
This is open to pupils moving from primary to secondary. It is free offer to children who attract Pupil Premium funding
Staff Overtime


Transition Co-ord

● Reduces the barriers felt by all pupils moving from Primary to Secondary.
● Builds friendships and instils loyalty to their peers and to the school.
● New pupils will be excited for their new learning experience.
● Happy and confident pupils join school.
● Pupils settle well into lessons with minimal disruption
● Attendance is maintained.
● Students stay at AMSI and do not transfer.
● Number of Attendees
● Number of those who attended and are still on roll
Maths Booster Classes
Targeted pupils receive additional support after school in Y7-9.
Staff Overtime




● Pupils confidence elevated as they are given strategies to aid their learning.
● Barriers to learning development are depleted due to a greater subject knowledge.
● Pupils feel confident when taking exams.
● Pupils understand how to progress their learning and this evident in their books.
● Active Learning within the classroom is observed and maintained.
● Value added by booster groups is evident within targeted monitoring and data drops.
● Workstream Folder
● Attendance Data
● Results Data
● Progress is evident
Mentoring & Attainment

Our school runs Achievement, Inspiration and Mentoring sessions weekly. All students are encouraged to attend after school for one hour.

The Mentoring sessions are targeted at students who require assistance in progressing through to KS5
Staff Overtime



Careers Advice


● Students are able to look forward to their own futures and map their learning journey to succeed.
● Attainment improves because students are inspired and focused on their own development both academically and personally.
● Focused and inspired students in classrooms.
● Achievement is raised due to additional access to all subject areas.
● The strategies and advice given are in use and observed in lessons.
● Grades improve and gaps in learning close and are evident.
● Attendance and behaviour improves due improvement in personal skill set of individuals.
● Students
● AIM Timetable.
● Data on progression/transition KS5
● Learning Walks
Study Guides

Our school provides study guides at subsidised rates that are cheaper than the high street.
Study Guides


● Access to expensive study guides ensures that the learning experience is the same for all.
● Pupils do not feel that they have a barrier to their learning due to financial pressure.
● Students are happy in class – peer pressure is removed because each child has access.
● Improved outcomes shown in books.
● Positive feedback during learning time is observed.
● Progress and attainment raised and is evident in data and exam results.
● Exam Results
● Data on sales of guides
Educational Visits

All school visits and trips are heavily subsidised by the school for pupils who are eligible for FSM.
Variable – decided on trip by trip basis

EVC Co-ord


● Pupils gain access to offsite educational activities that may be out of bounds for financial reasons.
● Pupils feel part of the class.
● Extended Learning objectives met.
● Number of pupils attending.
● Confidence elevated and learning progresses.
● EVC programme
● Attendance of PP Pupils (summary)
InTo University

We work in partnership with Into University, a charitable organisation which targets deprived pupils from a very early age
No cost● Pupils gain access to a dedicated team of professionals.
● Pupils gain experience of an enterprise that is dedicated to enabling pupils to have skills that will move them through their educational practice without discrimination.
● Pupils empowered with knowledge and understanding.
● Individual skill sets increase.
● Confident learners
● Progress is seen through marking of work and verbal feedback during lessons.
● Number of attendees .
● Case Studies
Deprived Pupil Fund

This fund is available, by application, to parents who are experiencing hardship.
£3625● Pupils are able to attend visits without prejudice.
● Pupils are able to come to school in the correct uniform and footwear.
● Use of fund● Use of fund.
Pupil Support Team

Statistics show that pupils who are entitled to FSM have a high persistent absence rate.

Absence rates are higher for pupils who are known to be eligible for and claiming free school meals. The overall absence rate for these pupils was 7.0 per cent, compared to 4.0 per cent for non-FSM pupils. The persistent absence rate for pupils who were eligible for FSM was more than twice the rate for pupils not eligible for FSM (21.3 per cent and 8.3 per cent respectively).
DFE –Oct 17

The school employs a dedicated team who ensure that pupils are attend school regularly and are safe and secure.
Attendance Asst.


Welfare x 1



● Barriers to attending school are broken down by continued communication with children and parents.
● Barriers to learning narrow due to the intervention of mentoring and H.O.Y support.
● Pupils are able to build solid relationships with their peers and the adults at school.
● Behaviour changes.
● Progress and attainment improves.
● Pupils are safe and their well-being improves.
● % absence of Pupil Premium children rises.
● Persistent absence rate falls.
● Contact with parents on the day of the first absence.
● Consistent and accurate monitoring.
● Pupils report that they feel safe and secure in school.
● Visible rise in attendance rates month on month, year on year.
● Pupil Survey & Pupil Voice (school council).
● Termly Census reports
Alternative Provision
Students who are at risk of permanent exclusion are catered for with an appropriate alternative provision
● Barriers to learning are reduced.
● Peers are able to be productive in classrooms at AMSI
● Pupils at the provision are helped to keep themselves motivated
● Behaviour is controlled.
● Pupils at Alternative Provision use the strategies given to be able to move forward.
● Pupils return from alternative provision.
● Case Studies
● Data on Behaviour and rewards system.
● Exclusions data.
● Data on Return to school meetings.
Breakfast Club
Available to all students
£10,000● Pupils, are warm, safe and ready to start the day.
● Safe harbour for those whose parents work and are not able to provide care from 8am.
● Happy, safe students.
● Revitalised and energised pupils because they are well nourished.
● Whole school attendance rises and Late for school figure drops.
● Whole school attendance figure
● Late for school data.

Pupil premium statement 2016-17

Pupil premium review Autumn 2015-16

Pupil Premium statement 2015-16



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