Rebecca Renton – Peer Exchange & Development

2ic in English/Lead Teacher of Media

School Profile

I’ve been an outstanding teacher for the last 2 years, I love my subject and I enjoy reading and talking about pedagogy.

I have attended a ‘Pedagoo’ teach meet and would like to go to more.

I’d like to undertake a research work project around differentiation.



Teacher Feedback

“I was very impressed by Rebecca’s lesson, I saw real engagement with text from students I didn’t think it was possible to get that from”

Arts & Media School teacher

In order of interest:

  1. Mentor underperforming staff
  2. Be part of an on-going series of input for beginning teachers
  3. Undertake courses in coaching and mentoring in your subject
  4. Coach aspiring staff
  5. Undertake a research work project
  6. Work in ‘Learning trios’ – peer observation in 3’s
  7. Help steer the direction of CPD in the school Have your assessment photographed for an on-going library of dialogic marking
  8. Contribute to carousel style insets for groups of teachers showing outstanding practice both in school & outside of school
  9. Help steer the direction of T&L within the school
  10. Take a lead in a Teach Meet
  11. Be filmed as part of on-going work into BFL and AFL

Autumn 2014

  • Led an hour’s session on Questioning- how to use P4C in another subject.
  • Part of Learning trio’s in Dec as coach

Spring 2015

  • Part of Learning trio’s in Feb as coach




Summer Production: The Wizz