School Uniform

We believe uniform and appearance are important. Wearing the correct uniform shows that students are proud to belong to our school and high standards of dress help them to focus on high standards in other areas of school life. They are expected to wear school uniform to, from and at all times in school.

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Parents can purchase the uniform in a number of ways:

  • Direct from school
  • Online from Rough Cut Casuals and Direct School Wear.
  • In store at Rough Cut Casuals, 16 Chapel Market, London N1 9EZ  Phone:020 7837 7924 (Shop Hours : Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday 10am – 6pm. Thursday 10am – 2pm and Sundays 10am -3pm)

The school uniform* consists of:

  • White shirt/blouse with a collar
  • Black school trousers (boys)
  • Grey school trousers or grey skirt/ankle length grey skirt. (girls)**
  • Black school sweater with embroidered badge
  • School blazer with embroidered badge
  • School tie
  • Black school shoes
  • Plain white socks or black tights
  • Optional school scarf
  • Optional plain black or white Hijab scarf
  • Optional school back pack
  • All year groups may wear a plain black coat of their choice in the winter on top of their blazer
  • No leg warmers

* The school uniform is compulsory and the blazer must be worn each day, the sweater may be worn as an option for extra warmth.

**Girls trousers/skirts must be school regulation variety.

PE Kit


  • Arts & Media School long sleeve shirt with school logo
  • Plain navy jog pants or navy shorts
  • Trainers/football boots


  • Red polo shirt
  • Plain navy jog pants or navy shorts
  • Trainers

Athletics Nivo

Piercings and Jewellery

  • Earrings – a small stud may be worn in the ear (not the nose) and larger earrings are not permitted.
  • Other facial or body piercings – are not allowed and will be confiscated by the teacher.
  • Rings – small rings (maximum two) may be worn on the finger(s) of either hand.
  • Chains – one small chain is allowed, worn under the shirt and so out of sight.
  • Watches – students are permitted and encouraged to wear a wristwatch.


The only time students are allowed to wear trainers is during PE lessons and lunch time. Trainers worn at other times will be confiscated by the member of staff.

Mobile phones, Mp3 players etc

Students are not allowed mobile phones, mp3 players, headphones, tablets or any other electronic items in school. If students bring these items into school they must remain switched off and out of sight. If they are seen in school, staff will immediately confiscate them, even if they are switched off or not being used. Where there are exceptional medical or family reasons as agreed by the school, students can leave their mobile phones with the Pastoral team and collect it at the end of the day.


Students should have their Planner with them every day and place them on the desk at the start of every lesson. Students without a Planner will receive a detention from the teacher for not being properly equipped for learning.



Year 10 Present Yourself Day: 27th April