Most Able

At Arts & Media School Islington we recognise and reward exceptional ability in academic and creative subjects by placing students on a Most Able Register which is coordinated by Mr. King who can be contacted on for further information.

What will students be doing during Black History Month?

Criteria for identifying M.A. students:

  • Fluencyable to generate a number of ideas/possible solutions
  • Flexibilityable to apply a variety of categories or perceptions to the same problem or given task
  • Curiosityalways probes, asks questions and searches for new understanding
  • Elaborationable to add to, or build on, an existing idea/concept
  • Originalityable to create entirely new, unusual or very different ideas
  • Complexityable to produce intricate, multifaceted responses to set tasks
  • Risk-takingis courageous and tries new things without needing to be prompted

Opportunities for M.A. students:

  • Working with departments to further strengthen and extend M.A. students in the classroom
  • Termly M.A. breakfasts where students receive breakfast and have the opportunity to get to know other M.A. students, mentor one another and debate topics of interest
  • Continuing to establish Partnerships with Top Universities, such as UCL & SOAS (School of African and Oriental Studies), where students have the opportunity to visit these Universities, take part in focused workshops and meet student ambassadors, who will give them a taste of University life and continue to boost their aspirations to aim high.
  • As well as this we will be continuing our partnership with IntoUniversity, supporting our students to aim high and stimulating them through various workshops and university visits :

Most Able Policy


Timetable Week 1

Open mornings every Thursday 9:30-11am & Open evening 1st Oct 5-7:30pm: Info