Most Able

20150706_151336At Arts & Media School Islington we recognise and reward exceptional ability in academic and creative subjects by placing students on a Most Able Register which is coordinated by Mr. King who can be contacted on for further information.


Criteria for identifying M.A. students:

A Most Able pupil should:

  • Show exceptional aptitude or have the potential to excel in some aspect of performance, or
  • Be capable of achieving a Level 7 by the end of KS3 in your subject, or
  • Potentially achieve an A/A* at GCSE or equivalent in your subject, or
  • Show exceptional insight into your subject.

For 2016/2017 this criteria is applicable over 3 subjects!


Opportunities for M.A. students:

  • Working with departments to further strengthen and extend M.A. students in the classroom
  • Termly M.A. breakfasts where students receive breakfast and have the opportunity to get to know other M.A. students, mentor one another and debate topics of interest
  • Continuing to establish Partnerships with Top Universities, such as UCL & SOAS (School of African and Oriental Studies), where students have the opportunity to visit these Universities, take part in focused workshops and meet student ambassadors, who will give them a taste of University life and continue to boost their aspirations to aim high.
  • As well as this we will be continuing our partnership with IntoUniversity, supporting our students to aim high and stimulating them through various workshops and university visits :

Most Able Policy


Half term holiday from 21st until 29th October. All students who aren't on the Denmark trip to return to school on 30th.