Advice on the coronavirus for places of education

Dear Parents,
You may be aware that advice for travellers from affected areas has recently changed and it has come to our attention that this may affect children and staff returning from school trips. Please be aware that this is a fast evolving situation and we will continue to share any new advice at the earliest opportunity.

The current advice for returning travellers is as follows:

  1. If you have returned from the following areas since 19 February, call NHS 111 to inform them of your recent travel, stay indoors and avoid contact with other people even if you do not have symptoms
    • Iran
    • Specific lockdown areas in Northern Italy as designated by the Government of Italy (Bertonico, Casalpusterlengo, Castelgerundo, Castiglione D’Adda, Codogno, Fombio, Maleo, San Fiorano, Somaglia, Terranova dei Passerini, Vo)
    • Daegu or Cheongdo, Republic of Korea
    • Hubei province, China (returned in the past 14 days)
  2. If you have returned from the following areas since 19 February and develop symptoms, however mild, you should stay indoors at home and avoid contact with other people immediately and call NHS 111. You do not need to follow this advice if you have no symptoms.
    • Northern Italy (see map)
    • Vietnam
    • Cambodia
    • Laos
    • Myanmar
  3. If you have returned to the UK from any of the following areas in the last 14 days and develop symptoms of cough or fever or shortness of breath, you should immediately stay indoors and avoid contact with other people, call NHS 111 to inform them of your recent travel to the country.
    • Other parts of China outside Hubei province
    • Thailand
    • Japan
    • Republic of Korea
    • Hong Kong
    • Taiwan
    • Singapore
    • Malaysia
    • Macau

Further guidance for educational settings has been published at the following link and will be updated as soon as possible with the above advice and any further changes:

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