Arts and Media School visit Disneyland Paris for a show stopping performance!

On Monday 3rd July fourteen students from Arts and Media School embarked on an overseas residential trip to Disneyland Paris to perform in front of Disney choreographers and show officials.

The students then had the opportunity to work with the Disney show officials in a special workshop which was held by Kylie, one of the Disney show choreographers. The workshop took place in one of the Disneyland Paris parks before it had officially opened; a truly magical experience. Staff and students had to enter the park through the cast member’s entrance, a special privilege only for the select few.

Students were greeted at the front gates of the park by a Disney spokesperson. Students were then taken to the Disney Junior Studios. This is where they do all of the filming for shows that are held on the Disney Junior channel.  Students performed their dance number in front of the seven Disney show officials. After their performance they received constructive feedback on how they can improve and what they would need to do to in order to perform on the main Disney show stage. The Arts and Media School dancers then learned a jazz number to the Hercules song “Zero to Hero”.  After they learned the jazz piece, students performed this dance to the Disney show directors. They were extremely impressed by their performance. Olivia Szydlo said that, “it was a truly memorable experience and one that she will never forget for the rest of her life.” Karina Sawa said, “this trip has really pushed me as a dancer, I have found this experience challenging and memorable. It has really helped me to develop as a dancer”.  Joshua Nwosu said, “he has really enjoyed being part of this project and the group, it is the best school experience that I have had so far”.


The Disney choreographer was very friendly and made the students feel extremely welcomed and relaxed. Kylie extracted a lot of energy from the students. I was extremely impressed by our students as they maintained their energy throughout the workshop.

After the workshop students took part in a question and answer session with the Disney show director and choreographer. Students asked excellent questions about the dance industry, pathways that are available to them for further study, how they can work their way to become a Disney dance official. They also asked Kylie questions about her life and pathway of being a Disney show choreographer.

After the performance and workshop students then had the opportunity to explore the Disney parks; go on rides and look at the shops. Later in the evening, the students then went to see the Disney firework show. Nicole Sandwell described it as a magical experience to witness.

Thank you to all of our supporters who made the dream become the reality. This trip could not have happened without your continuous support, fundraising and guidance.

The students and I are eternally grateful.

Ms. Stephanou: Head of Dance


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