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Ms Ali is proud to share these beautiful pictures of results from a home science experiment carried out by Olivia Year 7.

Amazing results Olivia Well done!

A great example of chemistry and art coming together at AMSI! 

Ms Dattani was impressed with Ayyun’s inspirational piece of work celebrating ‘National Numeracy Day’. 

Well done Ayyun!

Ms Shukla is proud to share this example of a well-structured letter with a sophisticated use of linguistic devices from Porshia in Year 9

Dear Georgie,

I thought of you whilst listening to this song because you were ranting to me about how you need a new playlist. There is no such thing as ‘the best song’ but the song ‘Arcade’ by Duncan Laurence may just be it. Like other songs, this track is specific but can be interpreted in several ways- the special thing about this song is that we go through this feeling every day but don’t realise it. Loving anything or anyone could be a losing game.

The video itself seems quite vague but really powerful with the use of the ocean and other people’s silhouettes. I think you will like this song because it can help anyone be honest with their feelings. After watching a Duncan Laurence interview, he stated that the song was behind a sad story. A friend he had growing up passed away before she could get back together with the love of her life; he also used his other life experiences to the song. The lyrics, ‘small town boy’ refer to his childhood of growing up in a small town. The lyric that stood out to me; ‘silence ringing inside my head’. This is because it reminded me how silence can be louder than anything at times, especially when something important to you is letting you down.

Earlier I mentioned that we go through this feeling every day; it is the simple things such as addictions to chocolate and TV, loving a sport that gets you injured all the time e.g gymnastics or even just not being good at something you love. When you listen to the song please be very creative and imaginative- you might like it even more.

I hope you love it as much as I do and feel free to ask me for more songs. 

Best Regards, Porshia

The task was for students to write a letter about their favourite song and persuade someone to listen to it.


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