Ofsted Inspection: UPDATE 16/12/17 The Results

As you are aware we have recently welcomed Ofsted Inspectors to the school and we are now able to share the outcome of the recent inspection with you. We are absolutely delighted to announce that we continue to be a ‘Good’ school and have been judged to be ‘Good’ in all areas of the inspection schedule.



Overall Effectiveness of the School: Good

The whole school community – students, staff, parents and Governors, all worked very hard to show the inspection team the impact of our work and the strength of the achievements of our young people. The progress of all our students and their attitudes to their learning, the quality of teaching, the opportunities the school provides to everyone, the ‘Scholastic’ programme and the leadership of the school have all been commented on positively.  We are proud of our achievements and that we continue to serve you, the school’s community, effectively. We are a caring school and this comes out strongly in the report. The welfare and well-being of our students and families is and always will be important to us. We continue to plan for and meet the needs of all our students; this shows how inclusive we are and how important it is for us that students not only do well in their formal classroom work, but also have new opportunities and life chances presented to them.

What the Inspection team said about AMSI:

  • ‘Pupils make good progress from years 7 – 11…’
  • ‘Staff know their pupils well. Pupils’ needs are considered carefully in teachers’ planning, particularly those who have education, health and care plans.’
  • ‘Pupils attitudes to learning are positive. They arrive well prepared for lessons and have good relationships with teachers.’
  • ‘Pupils benefit from a broad and balanced curriculum that effectively supports their personal development and welfare. Pupils’ welfare is at the heart of the school’s work.’
  • ‘Pupils describe the school as ‘a caring community’
  • ‘Leaders have an accurate view of the school’s strengths and areas for improvement.’
  • ‘The arrangements for safeguarding are effective….. As a result, staff have a keen understanding of the local and regional issues that their pupils face……. They [pupils] reported to inspectors that bullying is rare but that teachers deal with it effectively when it occurs.’
  • ‘teaching and learning are good because expectations are high. Teachers are ambitious for pupils’ progress and pupils recognise that teachers are there to help them learn well.’
  • ‘Teachers plan activities that aim to stretch the most able ….’
  • ‘Some pupils told inspectors that they had improved their attendance and behaviour as well as their self-confidence because of the school’s work with them.’
  • ‘Pupils know how to be successful learners and value their education.’
  • ‘The behaviour of the pupils is good. Pupils want to learn and most give their full concentration in lessons, meeting the school’s high expectations.’
  • ‘From their different starting points pupils make good progress across year groups and subjects.’
  • ‘Pupils’ work including of disadvantaged pupils and the most able, demonstrates that Teachers’ planning considers their needs and typically challenges pupils to make good progress from their starting points.’

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