Ofsted Inspection: UPDATE

13 November 2017

Dear Parent and Carers

I am writing to update you on our recent Ofsted visit last week.  First of all, thank you for your support of the school and for completing Parent View for us.  Please keep it going – your feedback is important to us. 

Following on from our recent visit, we have today been informed that we have a scheduled Section 5 inspection on Tuesday 14 and Wednesday 15 November.  This 2 day inspection will be led by Matt Tiplin, HMI.  They are coming to gather further evidence that we continue to be a ‘good school’.

As part of the inspection, Ofsted invites responses from parents and students.  Below are links to the Parent Survey and the Pupil Survey. 

Parent survey www.parentview.ofsted.gov.uk

Pupil survey https://learnerview.ofsted.gov.uk

The deadlines for all surveys to be submitted are:

For pupils – 11.00am on Tuesday 14 November

For parents – 12.00pm on Wednesday 15 November

It is important to us as a whole school community that we demonstrate to the inspection team over the next 2 days that we continue to be a ‘Good’ school.  What you can do to support your school is ensure that your child attends school every day on time, correctly dressed in full school uniform and fully equipped for all their learning for that day.  Positive behaviours for learning make a difference.  We are looking forward to demonstrating the many strengths and positive features of our school and the successes of our young people. 

Thank you for your continued support.

Yours faithfully

Susan Service


School inspections: A guide for parents

Link to Student Survey

Link to Parent Survey


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