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Head of Art: Mr. Brotherhood

Year 11 GCSE Final Artwork 2017

Art Club Animation Workshop at the Royal College of Art

Ms. Wood took eleven of her Year 7 & 8 art club students to the RCA for a workshop on stop-frame animation as part of the ReachOutRCA programme.


Organised by artist Jasleen Kaur, who worked with us on the Art on the Underground Project, the workshop gave a brief insight into stop-frame animation used in the film industry before getting down to practical work in creating 2D backgrounds followed by claymation figures.


The students then used cameras and animation software to create a brief animation film. It was a wonderful opportunity at one of the country’s top Art colleges.

Barbican Art Box

We took 36 Year 9 & 10 Art students down to the Barbican to take part in the Barbican Art Box project. 

They spent the day at the Barbican Centre where they visited the fashion exhibition titled ‘The Vulgar’ which focuses on the challenging territory of taste in fashion and also plays with our own perceptions of what is vulgar in terms of what that means and what that says about us.

barbican-art-box-web1  barbican-art-box-web2

From this, the students took inspiration to go out into the Barbican and take their own photographs of people whose fashion style they liked or appreciated. This ongoing project will work towards producing a magazine and exhibition which will be on sale and available to the public in the coming months.

barbican-art-box-web3  barbican-art-box-web4

Art on the Underground

art-on-the-underground-webArts & Media School Islington has been selected by Art on the Underground as one of six schools to work with artist Jasleen Kaur for Crafting the Line.

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Key Stage 3 Artwork 2016

Year 7

Year 8 Portraits

Year 9 Pop Art

John Jones Arts Award 2016

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