We believe every child should have the opportunity
 to create, compose, and perform, as well as to visit, experience, participate in and review extraordinary work. Artsmark can help unlock the potential of children and young people, help to develop character and talent, and increase their knowledge and understanding. That’s why Artsmark was created: to bring this ambition to life in every classroom.

Awarded by Arts Council England, designed by schools, the new Artsmark award will help schools deliver a high quality arts and cultural education and provide an excellent way to demonstrate this. Across the country Artsmark is rewarding more and more schools for championing arts and culture. Any school, college or youth justice setting can apply. Artsmark schools gain access to exceptional resources as well as networks of the country’s most treasured cultural organisations, helping them develop and strengthen their arts provision.

“Exciting”, “Educational”, “Cool” and “Inspirational”: Alexandra Sheppard visits AMSI

A lucky group of students had the opportunity to meet local author Alexandra Sheppard whose debut novel ‘Oh My Gods’ was published in January.

Of the students who attended Alex’s engaging talk on Greek mythology in popular culture, many had never had the chance to meet an author before. Our students were very interested in the process of taking a book from idea to publication and were surprised to hear that Alex grew up just around the corner in Holloway.

Some of the group had been working on their own creative writing inspired by the opening chapters of ‘OMGs’ during their English lessons. They were excited to hear that Alex would actually be reading their work and choosing her favourite piece. Daniella’s vivid description of living with a modern-day Poseidon impressed Alex and won Daniella a signed copy of the book.

At AMSI we place great value on reading for pleasure and meeting an author can be the spark that ignites a young person’s love of reading. We are incredibly grateful to Alex for being so generous with her time and also for the beautiful books that she has donated to the school library.

Alex is currently working on her second novel and we can’t wait to read it!

Numeracy Day

On Tuesday 21st May 2019, all our Year 7 students took park in a National Numeracy Day. This is an event celebrating Numeracy Skills in all schools across the country. One of the world’s largest accountancy firms, KPMG agreed to send 3 volunteers along to support each Year 7 class. Each class was given a presentation focusing on how much numbers affect our every day lives.

The KPMG staff told the students how they were using their numeracy skills to help businesses to be more successful. Each lesson ended with a tower building competition. Students had to consider what shapes helped to build the tallest and strongest towers.

The KPMG staff and our PGCE Trainee teachers helped to make it a great National Numeracy Day enjoyed by all and highlights our commitment to using creativity across the entire curriculum.

MFL Drama Workshop

Our years 7&8 MFL students enjoyed a day of drama and role play whilst furthering their knowledge of French and Spanish.

Using the stories of The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas and Don Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes, our visitors brought costumes and incorporated role playing whilst engaging the students in the language of the text.

It was a lot of fun but also a highly effective way of teaching and bringing to life not only the language but the literature of these two classic texts. It was a perfect example of how we are committed to bringing creativity to as much of our teaching at Arts & Media School Islington as possible. Thank you to our head of MFL, Mr Castillo, for organising this event.

Artists in Residence @ AMSI

We are delighted to welcome to our school community, 4 Artists in Residence – Janetka, Louise, Betsy and Esther – who are working in their new Studios  in C block. This initiative is a unique partnership with Cubitt Arts which has revived our old woodwork room.  In exchange for affordable rent the Artists will be working with students and staff on lots of exciting creative projects.

As a result of this new partnership, this week we hosted St. Martin’s School of Art and Brazilian Artists who collaborated with our more able MFL students in a workshop to develop a dialogue with young people in Sao Paulo through the arts.

The Artists have also converted a small kitchen in to a Photographic Darkroom which will run after-school sessions in January 2019.

Year 7 Anti Bullying Week Winners

November 16th: ‘Respect’ goes out to Year 7 students from Arts and Media Islington Secondary school (AMSI) who have won Islington’s Anti Bullying Week competition for schools.

The students produced their own version of the News at Ten on the theme ‘Choose Respect’ using Aretha Franklin’s song ‘Respect’ as inspiration.

Heather Vaccianna said: “A huge round of applause to the Year 7 students at AMSI for their fantastic entry for this year’s borough-wide creative competition. The students created a really entertaining piece that was fun to watch whilst reminding us of the serious impact of bullying and the importance of treating each other with respect to prevent it happening – well done!!”

Islington Life

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Hansel and Gretel at the Barbican

On October 12th, a group of Year 8 and 9 students attended a special production of ‘Hansel and Gretel’ at the Barbican Theatre as a rewards trip for their work during the Autumn Term.

‘Hansel and Gretel (A Nightmare in Eight Scenes) ‘was a reimagining of the famous tale, with specially commissioned poetry, chamber music, puppetry and animations, all projected live onto a large screen.

Students were also lucky enough to participate in a live Q&A session with poet Simon Armitage, who wrote the poetry for the production. He told students: “If you want to be a writer, you need to be a reader.” Excellent advice indeed!


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