Creativity Across the Curriculum


Creative spotlight shines a light on some of the ways in which Arts & Media School uses creativity across the curriculum to engage, motivate and educate all of our students.


9th September: Creative Arts

Six students from Arts and Media School performed at the Big Day Out in Whittington Park. Brandon 11A, Meriam 11C and our very own music technician, Fussi Andersen, performed a group piece, Nirvana’s “Smells like team spirit”. Max from 11D performed two of his own piano compositions. Shanice 8A and Karina 8E performed a dance composition which they had created in collaboration with one another. Ex AMSI student Charlie Raphael-Campbell made another return to the Big Day and played several compositions alongside the current AMSI students.


Both our past and present students got the crowd buzzing with more and more people entering the performance space as they heard our students playing, singing and dancing. They performed excellently and positively represented the school.


August: Dance

During the summer holidays, Isaac 11D, Nicole 7A and Olivia 7F auditioned to be part of the Rosie Kay Dance Company. Rosie Kay Dance Company was looking for young talented dancers to be part of their next performance piece entitled “5 soldiers”; a thrilling and humane portrait of army life telling the stories of five men and women serving on the front line.


All three students performed exceptionally well and had their first glimmer what it takes to be a professional dancer on stage in front of live audience.

I am so very proud of these students and all of what they have achieved.

Head of Dance: Ms Stephanou


14th December: SPANISH

This week the creative spotlight shines on Ms Hazeldine for her creative Spanish lesson. Ms Hazeldine used the creative strategy of role play.

Students had to devise a short play in Spanish, acting out ‘a typical Spanish lesson’. Many students of course chose to be Ms Hazeldine. The purpose of the role play was to help students develop their Spanish speaking skills.


Students then had to perform the play they created for their speaking assessment. I thoroughly enjoyed watching 7B’s assessment particularly Alexandra and Tyler’s performance.

Thank you for bringing creativity to life in your lesson.

8th December: GEOGRAPHY

This week the creative spotlight shines on Mr Elmaghrabi for his creative Geography lesson. Mr Elmaghrabi had planned a drop down day for year 9 for their trade unit. Students had been learning about trade and the economic wealth/growth of different countries.


Students were placed on different tables, each table represented a country and each country was given a folder of resources. Some countries did not have the same resources, for example, Great Britain and Japan had all the resources they needed and countries like Kenya and Brazil were missing some. This meant the students from those countries had to barter, trade or even resort to stealing equipment like paper and scissor from other tables.

The objective was to cut paper into shapes using scissors to trade the shapes and negotiate a price at the World Bank for money. Students had to then relate their findings to the wider issues of trade in the world.

Thank you for thinking outside of the box and creatively crossing over with the Maths department to reinforce students learning in statistics.

7th December: HISTORY

This week the creative spotlight shines on Mr King for another of his amazing creative homework projects. Students in year 7 had to design and build a true representation of a Viking, Celtic or a Saxon house.


Year 7 went above and beyond expectations with their homework. I have never seen a year group commit to a piece of homework with such dedication and enthusiasm. They put a lot of time and effort into building the houses and the pictures speak for themselves.

Thank you for being imaginative with your homework tasks, it’s clear that the students value you as a teacher and see the importance of your subject.

21st November: HISTORY

This week the creative spotlight shines on History. This term in Mr King’s years 7 classes they have been learning about the Saxons, Celts and the Vikings.

Following two lessons on the Vikings and their impact on Britain, students were asked to complete the following homework: create a visual representation of the battle of Assandun and explain its significance.

Maddie Laverne 7E decided to create a video about Assandun to a piece of dramatic music.

Sophia Bernardi Gimenez 7F and India Roberts-Saggo 7D created a miniature shoe box account of the battle of Assandun.

history-sophia-web  history-india-web

The above students approached the homework task in a different way and showed their creative input which was inspired.

history-battle1-web  history-battle2-web

creative-pe-web-114th November: PHYSICAL EDUCATION

This week Mr. Errington decided to get creative with year 11 for useful revision tips.

Students had to prepare a presentation on a specific topic covered in their PE theory lessons. Yesterday the students presented to the whole class their findings.

The class were split into groups, they then had to put everything they heard and knew onto the tables with whiteboard markers.


They were allowed to take pictures of the tables at the end for revision.

creative-pe-web3  creative-pe-web2

mir-sima-bhm-web7th November: PSHE

The creative spotlight shines on the Black History Month project.

Ms. Dixon asked the students to design and create a project of their choice (scale model, PowerPoint presentation or a poster) around a black scientist or inventor. 

Mir Sima 7F was the winner of the competition. He created a poster on Charles Richard Drew, an African-American surgeon who pioneered methods of storing blood plasma for transfusion and organised the first large-scale blood bank in the U.S.

Mir’s prize was an all-expenses paid cinema trip for two.

The winning and best entries are on display in the library.

chiemeka-thomas-web31st October: MATHS

The creativity spotlight shines once again on the Maths Department. Mrs. Stubbs created a year 7 lesson that highlighted the achievement of black mathematicians for Black History Month.

Chiemeka Thomas 7F went a step further for his homework from Mrs Stubbs by designing and creating his own video of Katherine Johnson, who worked for NASA and was one of the first black women to send a man to space.

Chiemeka was rewarded for creatively going the extra mile with his homework in last week’s year 7 assembly.


Thank you to The Maths department, in particular Mrs. Stubbs.

richard-nelson-cole-web24th October: MATHS

Mr. Woodhouse designed a scheme of work where year 7’s have been using Argos catalogues to design and cost their bedrooms.

Richard Nelson-Cole 7C went a step further for his homework from Mr. Page and designed his own bedroom to scale using a shoe box. Richard paid a lot of attention to detail when creating his bedroom. In his room he used doll house pieces, lego and miniature accessories to design his room. There were miniature books, pens, pencils, paintbrushes, a vase, a skateboard and a football. Richard even cut blocks of wood to create his wardrobes, chest of drawers and bed. There was even a spot on the desk where he had drawn a scientific calculator!

Richard will be rewarded for creatively going the extra mile with his homework in year 7 assembly.

Thank you to Mr. Woodhouse and Mr. Page.

The Creativity Across the Curriculum is overseen and monitored by our Creative Leader across the Curriculum. Subject Leader for Dance Ms. Stephanou.



Dance Showcase 20th June 5:30pm