Creative Teacher of the Month



Creative teacher of the month goes to Alan King for his inventive way of getting year 7 to adapt their thinking skills along with their own knowledge to find the answers to questions. History students will need these skills when analysing sources


To introduce these skills to year 7 students, Mr King decided to make the lesson interesting by selecting a topic that students would show more of a keen interest, Mr King himself. Students were given eighteen different sources and they had to answer fifteen questions about Mr King using the information that they already know of him and the sources they were given.

Students in 7E were up for the challenge and wanted to answer as many questions correctly. Students didn’t feel like they were learning but they had to organise, link ideas, analyse and evaluate whether the source was connected to the question.



The creative teacher of the month goes to Mr. King in History for his 9A Dragons Den lesson. 

Students were split onto groups. Each group had been given an idea for a weapon; these were concealed in brown envelopes. Each group then had to plan and prepare a presentation that they would pitch to the “Dragons” to try and secure an order from.

The Dragons were Charles, Ashley, Sonia and Rakhee. The weapons that were being pitched in the presentations a Flame Thrower, Machine Guns, Bayonets, Artillery, Insurgent 014 and the Holt Caterpillar.

This motivational tool kept students engaged throughout the lesson; and each group listened carefully to their opponent’s pitches to see how they could up the ante with their pitch.  Each group wanted to win, however there could only be one clear winner for that lesson. 

Thank you to the History department for finding interesting and creative methods of getting students to understand tactics in warfare and how to be an entrepreneur in presenting.


Creative Teacher of the Month for April goes to the Ms. Davies in the Science department for making revision fun creative and interesting.

This term year 8’s summative assessment focused on designing and creating games around their weakest science topic. Some groups created a game around electricity and magnetism, separating mixtures and health and lifestyle.

Ms. Davies got her year 8 students to write down questions with the correct answers to them, then students had to plan and design their game around their question and then students made their games and finally students then tested their prototype. These games are a great revision tool for students and opened their creativity on how they could make revision exciting.

It was really lovely to watch year 8 students so enthralled by this task. They had complete autonomy over their learning and each student was eager to answer the questions correctly to win the game.

Students had created a Science & Ladders revision game, a Scientopoly game (monopoly inspired) with real counter pieces, chance questions and paper money. There was even a game that used the idea of bouncing a ping pong ball into a cup when they achieved the correct answer in order to gain points.


The creative teacher of the month goes to Ms. Dattani in Maths for her Year 7 TT Rock Stars lesson. 

TT Rock Stars is an online tool where students can practice their times tables. The tool also asks students related division questions. The online maths tool generates a healthy competition between peers to see who is the fastest at answering questions.

Rakhee had split the computer room in half. One side sat 7pr/Ma3 (Mr. Page’s class) and the other side sat 7pr/Ma6 (Ms.Dattani’s class).

This motivational tool kept students engaged throughout the lesson. Both classes wanted to win, however there could only be one clear winner for that lesson.  I have never witnessed so many students enthralled by maths and eager to compete with their peers in order to be at the top of the leader board.

Thank you to the Maths department for finding competitive ways of keeping students engaged in maths.


Creative teacher of the month goes to Ms. Mannion for her creative year 9 music lesson.

9B have been learning about Wagner’s piece “Ride of the Valkyries”. They have been exploring the main music theme with the classroom instruments. The final performance was full of flare and musicality. Think Apocolypse Now, but with extra xylophones and guitars!

A video of the year 9 students playing the rendition of “Ride of the Valkyries” will be uploaded onto the school website.

Thank you Ms. Mannion for sharing this lesson, it was very inspiring!





This week the creative spotlight shines on Mr Elmaghrabi for his creative Geography lesson.

Mr Elmaghrabi had planned a drop down day for year 9 for their trade unit where the students had been learning about trade and the economic wealth/growth of different countries.

Students were placed on different tables, each table represented a country and each country was given a folder of resources. Some countries did not have the same resources, for example Great Britain and Japan had all of the resources they needed and countries like Kenya and Brazil were missing some. This meant that the students from those countries had to barter, trade or even steal equipment like paper and scissor from other tables.

The objective was to cut paper into shapes using scissors to trade the shapes and negotiate a price at the World Bank for money. Students had to then relate their findings to the wider issues of trade in the world.

Thank you for thinking outside of the box and creatively crossing over with the Maths department to reinforce students learning in statistics.


Creative teacher of the month goes to Mr. Dilaver for his creative year 10 GCSE PE lesson.

Students had previously been learning about muscles, their location and their function in the body. Mr Dilaver planned a lesson where students had to create a revision tool of all the muscles. Without looking at their notes students had to locate the muscle on the diagram given to them and explain what the particular function that muscle has.


Year 10 GCSE PE Students will use this diagram as a revision tool for future exams.


Creative teacher of the month goes to Head of Languages Señor Castillo for his SCSI (Spanish Crime Scene Investigation).

Mr. Castillo had carefully designed a crime scene for his year 11 Spanish class where a murder had taken place. Around the room were various clues that would reveal who the victim and murderer was. Inspector Paco, Mr. Castillo in disguise, led the investigation along with Davey Hussain 11C as the sound effects artist to create tension and suspense.


Mr. Castillo planned his year 11 lesson around comprehensible input strategies. This approach enabled students to acquire language instead of learning or memorising phrases/sentences. Throughout the lesson students were required to report the crime, describe the crime scene, form a theory about the victim, determine which weapon was used and who the killer was. Students were required to do this solely in Spanish.


Thank you Mr. Castillo, I left your class feeling very inspired.


Year 10 Present Yourself Day: 27th April