Pupil Library Support

AMSI Library is a very busy and vibrant part of the school. The library is exceptionally busy during lunch times and we need responsible, mature and helpful pupils working together in the library to provide good customer service to pupils as well as colleagues around the school.

If you work in the library you are entitled to early lunch.

AMSI library is continually increasing its stock of fiction and non-fiction books with a host of popular titles, especially teen fiction.

The Position: We’re looking for Pupil library support during break time, lunchtime, before school and after school (Pupils will stay no longer than 4pm each day)

The Location: The school Library is located on the 2nd floor of A Block.

Why Should You Apply?

  • Good work experience
  • Looks great on college application forms
  • Access to new books and material first

You can earn rewards and tons of achievement points

For an application form and further information, please contact Ms Swaby in the library.


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