Sir Matthew Bourne praises school’s commitment to creativity


Guests at the Trustees’ Education Lecture last Thursday were treated to a very open account of Sir Matthew’s personal journey and career in dance.

Most notable was his late start to this journey, at the age of 22. It was very apparent that Sir Matthew’s passion for the performing arts and commitment to achieving a career in dance were very necessary factors in achieving success – an important message for our dance students at AMSI. It was great to hear about the opportunities that Sir Matthew provides to young artists, regardless of background or experience, through projects delivered via Re:Bourne, the charitable arm of his company. It’s wonderful to learn that young people with a passion for movement can benefit in this way, to access arts opportunities. Sir Matthew praised the school’s young dancers who performed and offered to send in professionals from his company to run workshops.

Head teacher Ms Susan Service opened the evening by reminding the audience of the severe cuts facing educators next year and the negative impact this may have on the arts in schools, “We cannot imagine a world where pupils lose their entitlement to be taught mathematics or science, but nationally we allow Arts education to be marginalised almost to extinction. Sir Matthew Bourne’s Lecture affirms our school’s commitment to the debate of Arts education in our schools today.”

The event was attended by more than a hundred guests and raised funds towards extra-curricular activities for students which supports our commitment to creativity in the curriculum.

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