Exam Timetable

Fri 26 Apl09:00DayAQA8236/CDanceGCSE/9FC
Wed 01 May09:00DayAQA8261/XDrama External PracticalGCSE/9FC
Thur 02 May09:00DayAQA8201ArtGCSE/9FC
Fri 03 May09:00DayAQA8201ArtGCSE/9FC
Mon 13 May09:0001:30OCRJ276/01Comp Sci: Computer Systems WrtnGCSE/9FC
Mon 13 May13:1501:45EDEXL/GCSE1RB0 1BRE ChristianityGCSE/9FC
Tue 14 May09:0000:35EDEXL/GCSE1FR0 1FFrench Listening (F)GCSE/9FC
Tue 14 May09:0000:45EDEXL/GCSE1FR0 3FFrench Reading (F)GCSE/9FC
Tue 14 May09:0000:45EDEXL/GCSE1FR0 1HFrench Listening (H)GCSE/9FC
Tue 14 May09:0001:00EDEXL/GCSE1FR0 3HFrench Reading (H)GCSE/9FC
Tue 14 May13:1501:45AQA8461/1HBiology Paper 1 Tier HGCSE/9FC
Tue 14 May13:1501:15AQA8464/B/1FCombined Sci Trilogy Biology P1FGCSE/9DA
Tue 14 May13:1501:15AQA8464/B/1HCombined Sci Trilogy Biology P1HGCSE/9DA
Wed 15 May09:0001:00OCRJ587/01PE: Physcl Fctr Affctng Perf WtnGCSE/9FC
Wed 15 May13:1501:45EDEXL/GCSE1ET0 01Shakesp. & Post 1914 Lit.GCSE/9FC
Thu 16 May09:0001:45AQA8462/1HChemistry Paper 1 Tier HGCSE/9FC
Thu 16 May09:0001:15AQA8464/C/1FCombined Sci Trilogy Chemistry P1FGCSE/9DA
Thu 16 May09:0001:15AQA8464/C/1HCombined Sci Trilogy Chemistry P1HGCSE/9DA
Thu 16 May13:1501:30OCRJ276/02Comp Sci: Algrthms & Prgrmmng WrtnGCSE/9FC
Fri 17 May09:0001:10EDEXL/GCSE1FR0 4FFrench Writing (F)GCSE/9FC
Fri 17 May09:0001:20EDEXL/GCSE1FR0 4HFrench Writing (H)GCSE/9FC
Fri 17 May13:1501:45AQA8261/WDrama Written PaperGCSE/9FC
Fri 17 May13:1501:00OCRJ587/02PE: Socio-Ctrl Issues Sprt Psych WtnGCSE/9FC
Mon 20 May09:0001:45EDEXL/GCSE1RB0 2CRE IslamGCSE/9FC
Mon 20 May13:1500:45AQA8638/LHBengali Listening Test Tier HGCSE/9FC
Mon 20 May13:1501:00AQA8638/RHBengali Reading Test Tier HGCSE/9FC
Tue 21 May09:0001:30EDEXL/GCSE1MA1 1FMaths Non Calculator (F)GCSE/9FC
Tue 21 May09:0001:30EDEXL/GCSE1MA1 1HMaths Non Calculator (H)GCSE/9FC
Tue 21 May13:1501:30AQA8035/1Geography Paper 1GCSE/9FC
Wed 22 May09:0000:35EDEXL/GCSE1SP0 1FSpanish Listening (F)GCSE/9FC
Wed 22 May09:0000:45EDEXL/GCSE1SP0 3FSpanish Reading (F)GCSE/9FC
Wed 22 May09:0000:45EDEXL/GCSE1SP0 1HSpanish Listening (H)GCSE/9FC
Wed 22 May09:0001:00EDEXL/GCSE1SP0 3HSpanish Reading (H)GCSE/9FC
Wed 22 May13:1501:45AQA8463/1HPhysics Paper 1 Tier HGCSE/9FC
Wed 22 May13:1501:15AQA8464/P/1FCombined Sci Trilogy Physics P1FGCSE/9DA
Wed 22 May13:1501:15AQA8464/P/1HCombined Sci Trilogy Physics P1HGCSE/9DA
Thu 23 May09:0002:15EDEXL/GCSE1ET0 0219C Nov/Poetry Since 1789GCSE/9FC
Fri 24 May09:0000:45EDEXL/GCSE1IN0 1HItalian Listening (H)GCSE/9FC
Fri 24 May09:0001:00EDEXL/GCSE1IN0 3HItalian Reading (H)GCSE/9FC
Fri 24 May13:1502:00AQA8552/WDesign and Technology Written PaperGCSE/9FC
Mon 03 Jun09:0000:00AQA8145/1A/BHistory Paper 1A Option BGCSE/9FC
Mon 03 Jun09:0000:00AQA8145/1B/CHistory Paper 1B Option CGCSE/9FC
Mon 03 Jun13:1501:30AQA8572/1Media Studies Paper 1GCSE/9FC
Mon 03 Jun13:1501:20EDEXL/GCSE1IN0 4HItalian Writing (H)GCSE/9FC
Mon 03 Jun13:1501:15AQA8638/WHBengali Writing Test Tier HGCSE/9FC
Tue 04 Jun09:0001:45AQA8700/1English Language Paper 1GCSE/9FC
Tue 04 Jun13:1501:45EDEXL/GCSE1MU0 03Music AppraisingGCSE/9FC
Wed 05 Jun09:0001:10EDEXL/GCSE1SP0 4FSpanish Writing (F)GCSE/9FC
Wed 05 Jun09:0001:20EDEXL/GCSE1SP0 4HSpanish Writing (H)GCSE/9FC
Wed 05 Jun13:1501:30AQA8035/2Geography Paper 2GCSE/9FC
Thu 06 Jun09:0001:30EDEXL/GCSE1MA1 2FMaths Calculator (F)GCSE/9FC
Thu 06 Jun09:0001:30EDEXL/GCSE1MA1 2HMaths Calculator (H)GCSE/9FC
Thu 06 Jun13:1500:00AQA8145/2B/AHistory Paper 2B Option AGCSE/9FC
Thu 06 Jun13:1500:00AQA8145/2A/CHistory Paper 2A Option CGCSE/9FC
Fri 07 Jun09:0001:45AQA8700/2English Language Paper 2GCSE/9FC
Fri 07 Jun13:1501:45AQA8461/2HBiology Paper 2 Tier HGCSE/9FC
Fri 07 Jun13:1501:15AQA8464/B/2FCombined Sci Trilogy Biology P2FGCSE/9DA
Fri 07 Jun13:1501:15AQA8464/B/2HCombined Sci Trilogy Biology P2HGCSE/9DA
Mon 10 Jun09:0000:45EDEXL/GCSE1AA0 1HArabic Listening (H)GCSE/9FC
Mon 10 Jun09:0001:05EDEXL/GCSE1AA0 3HArabic Reading (H)GCSE/9FC
Mon 10 Jun09:0000:45EDEXL/GCSE1RU0 1HRussian Listening (H)GCSE/9FC
Mon 10 Jun09:0001:05EDEXL/GCSE1RU0 3HRussian Reading (H)GCSE/9FC
Mon 10 Jun13:1501:30AQA8572/2Media Studies Paper 2GCSE/9FC
Tue 11 Jun09:0001:30EDEXL/GCSE1MA1 3FMaths Calculator (F)GCSE/9FC
Tue 11 Jun09:0001:30EDEXL/GCSE1MA1 3HMaths Calculator (H)GCSE/9FC
Wed 12 Jun09:0001:45AQA8462/2HChemistry Paper 2 Tier HGCSE/9FC
Wed 12 Jun09:0001:15AQA8464/C/2FCombined Sci Trilogy Chemistry P2FGCSE/9DA
Wed 12 Jun09:0001:15AQA8464/C/2HCombined Sci Trilogy Chemistry P2HGCSE/9DA
Thu 13 Jun09:0001:15AQA8035/3Geography Paper 3GCSE/9FC
Thu 13 Jun13:1501:25EDEXL/GCSE1AA0 4HArabic Writing (H)GCSE/9FC
Thu 13 Jun13:1501:30AQA8236/WDance Written PaperGCSE/9FC
Fri 14 Jun09:0001:45AQA8463/2HPhysics Paper 2 Tier HGCSE/9FC
Fri 14 Jun09:0001:15AQA8464/P/2FCombined Sci Trilogy Physics P2FGCSE/9DA
Fri 14 Jun09:0001:15AQA8464/P/2HCombined Sci Trilogy Physics P2HGCSE/9DA
Fri 14 Jun13:1501:25EDEXL/GCSE1RU0 4HRussian Writing (H)GCSE/9FC

Dance Performance: The Red Shoes 26-3-19 6-7pm