For Exams:

Full school uniform must be worn to all exams

Make sure your phone is off and in your bag before entering the exam room (in public exams phones will be collected).

Enter the exam room in silence and follow instructions.

At the end of the exam return to your normal timetabled lesson.

Summer 2017 Exam Timetable

DateStartLengthBoardComponent CodeComponent TitleLevel
Mon 05 Jun09:0001:15EDEXL/GCSE5HA0101History International RelationsGCSE/B
Mon 05 Jun09:0002:00OCRA954/13Hist A: Stdy in Dev & Amrcn West WrtnGCSE/B
Tue 06 Jun09:0001:45EDEXL/GCSE1EN0 01English Fiction & Imag.WritingGCSE/FC
Tue 06 Jun13:3001:15EDEXL/GCSE5GA2F01Geography Natural Environment [F]GCSE/B
Tue 06 Jun13:3001:15EDEXL/GCSE5GA2H01Geography Natural Environment [H]GCSE/B
Wed 07 Jun09:0001:30OCRA451/01Computing: Cmptr Sys & Prgmng WrttnGCSE/B
Thu 08 Jun09:0001:30EDEXL/GCSE1MA1 2FMaths Calculator [F]GCSE/FC
Thu 08 Jun09:0001:30EDEXL/GCSE1MA1 2HMaths Calculator [H]GCSE/FC
Fri 09 Jun09:0001:00AQABL2FPBiology Unit 2 Tier FGCSE/B
Fri 09 Jun09:0001:00AQABL2HPBiology Unit 2 Tier HGCSE/B
Fri 09 Jun09:0001:00AQABL3HPBiology Unit 3 Tier HGCSE/B
Fri 09 Jun13:3001:30EDEXL/GCSE5MU0301Music Listening & AppraisingGCSE/B
Fri 09 Jun13:3001:00OCRA803/01Dutch: Reading WrittenGCSE/B
Fri 09 Jun13:3001:00OCRA833/01Portuguese: Reading WrittenGCSE/B
Fri 09 Jun13:3001:00OCRA843/01Turkish: Reading WrittenGCSE/B
Mon 12 Jun09:0002:00EDEXL/GCSE1EN0 02English Non-Fic. & Trans.WritingGCSE/FC
Mon 12 Jun13:3001:15EDEXL/GCSE5GA3F01Geography Human Environment [F]GCSE/B
Mon 12 Jun13:3001:15EDEXL/GCSE5GA3H01Geography Human Environment [H]GCSE/B
Tue 13 Jun09:0001:30EDEXL/GCSE1MA1 3FMaths Calculator [F]GCSE/FC
Tue 13 Jun09:0001:30EDEXL/GCSE1MA1 3HMaths Calculator [H]GCSE/FC
Wed 14 Jun09:0001:00AQACH2FPChemistry Unit 2 Tier FGCSE/B
Wed 14 Jun09:0001:00AQACH2HPChemistry Unit 2 Tier HGCSE/B
Wed 14 Jun09:0001:00AQACH3HPChemistry Unit 3 Tier HGCSE/B
Wed 14 Jun13:3001:15EDEXL/GCSE5HA022AHistory Germany 1918-39GCSE/B
Wed 14 Jun13:3001:30OCRA955/21Hist A: Hst Src Invst Pblc Hlth Wrtn
Thu 15 Jun13:3000:50AQA46851Polish Unit 1 ListeningGCSE/B
Fri 16 Jun09:0001:00AQAPH2FPPhysics Unit 2 Tier FGCSE/B
Fri 16 Jun09:0001:00AQAPH2HPPhysics Unit 2 Tier HGCSE/B
Fri 16 Jun09:0001:00AQAPH3HPPhysics Unit 3 Tier HGCSE/B
Fri 16 Jun13:3000:45AQA46301HItalian Unit 1 Tier H ListeningGCSE/B
Fri 16 Jun13:3000:50AQA46302HItalian Unit 2 Tier H ReadingGCSE/B
Mon 19 Jun13:3000:45EDEXL/GCSE5AR0101Arabic ListeningGCSE/B
Mon 19 Jun13:3000:55EDEXL/GCSE5AR0301Arabic ReadingGCSE/B
Tue 20 Jun09:0001:15EDEXL/GCSE5HA033CBritish Society C1951-79GCSE/B
Tue 20 Jun09:0001:00AQA46852Polish Unit 2 ReadingGCSE/B
Tue 20 Jun09:0001:00AQA46854Polish Unit 4 writingGCSE/B
Tue 20 Jun11:0002:00ClashMaths: Additional Maths Paper 1FSMQ/A
Tue 20 Jun13:3002:00AQA45501D & T: Graphic Products Unit 1GCSE/B
Tue 20 Jun13:3002:00OCR6993/01Maths: Additional Maths Paper 1FSMQ/A
Wed 21 Jun13:3001:00AQA42301Dance Unit 1GCSE/B
Thu 22 Jun13:3001:00EDEXL/GCSE5AR0401Arabic WritingGCSE/B

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