GCSE Results 2020

Centre Number: 10347

For Exams:

  • Full school uniform must be worn to all exams
  • Make sure your phone is off and in your bag before entering the exam room (in public exams phones will be collected).
  • Enter the exam room in silence and follow instructions.
  • At the end of the exam return to your normal timetabled lesson.

Appeals 2020

GCSE Grades 2020 – What to do if you are unhappy with your Centre Assessed Grades.

(This information will be updated on the website if there are any further changes).

Is there an option to appeal?

OFQUAL have decided there is no right to appeal on the basis that you do not agree with the professional judgment of teachers. If you continue to be unhappy with your grade, you should consider sitting your exam in the Autumn Series (November).

Talk to your college/6th form about your options for resitting most students will re-sit at their college or 6th form. 

Talk to the Progress Team about your options:

The Progress Team will be available to provide guidance and advice by phone and email.

Booked appointments can also be arranged at LIFT, Youth Hub, 45 White Lion Street N1 9PW or at 222 Upper Street, N1 1RX

Contact the Progress team on 0207 527 7031 or email progress@islington.gov.uk

I think my grade is incorrect – was there an error in communicating the grade to the awarding body or from the awarding body and the school?

Send an email to the exams officer a.orrells@amsi.school with:

  1. First name:
  2. Surname:
  3. Exam number: 
  4. Which subject you think may have an error in the Centre Assessed Grade:

If we find an administrative error, the school can appeal to have it corrected  Deadline 10am Monday 14th September.

We wish you well in your continuing educational journey.

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Department for Education GCSE Parent Factsheet


Exam PoliciesDate
Exams Policy2019-2020
Summer 2020 Results and Appeals processJuly 2020
Exam Contingency Plan2019-2020
Non-examination assessment policy2019-2020
Special consideration policy2019/2020
Disability policy (exams)2019-2020
Word processor policy (exams)2019-2020
Policy for the management of controlled assessments2017-2018

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