Centre number: 10347

For Exams:

Full school uniform must be worn to all exams

Make sure your phone is off and in your bag before entering the exam room (in public exams phones will be collected).

Enter the exam room in silence and follow instructions.

At the end of the exam return to your normal timetabled lesson.

Enquiry About Results for Candidates  (EAR)

Internal Appeals Procedures 2017-18

In certain circumstances the school may wish to ask the Exam Board to look again at the student’s grade. To do this we ask for your permission so it is important that the student provides their contact details, we will be requesting this at the start of exams. In these circumstances the school will pay for the remark

If you wish to have a paper remarked and this request is not supported by the head of department you can pay for this yourself.

Please note the entire cost must be paid in advance of the enquiry being undertaken.

Please note prices are correct at time of printing but are subject to amendment
BoardReviewing for each exam paper/unitWith a copy script
Edexcel£35.90 (eg maths 3x 35.90 = £107.70)
Free up to 20th Sept
Please note at time of printing copy scripts for AQA & OCR only available when having paper reviewed request for both must be made at the same time


Remember a grade can go down as well as up.

The exam boards have 30 days to provide the outcome of the enquiry.

These are the steps:

  1. Decide what papers you would like re-marked.
  2. The student to see Mrs Orrells, the exams officer (see contact details below), between 7.30am-2pm Monday to Thursday (term time) till 16th September* with full payment and contact details and to give written consent.
  3. The re-mark is requested from the exam board.
  4. The exam board has 30 days to respond.
  5. The results will be sent to you once they are in.
  6. If the grade goes up you will be refunded the cost (this is a rare event).

*No enquiry can be processed after this date.

Contact details for the Exams Officer: Anne Orrells

Or telephone: 0203 873 8492 ext 1023 (term time)

2017 Exam Results


Department for Education GCSE Parent Factsheet


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