Music Timetables

Piano Lessons with Mr. Pamakstys





Thursday’s Lessons

Time21 Sept28 Sept5 October12 October19 October
10:15-10:45Chayse GoodenOlivia Szydlo Chayse Gooden
10:45-11:15Joshua Walters Lily O'ConnorJohnathen ConstantJoshua Walters Lily O'Connor
11:35-12:05Olivia Szydlo Joshua Walters Lily O'ConnorOlivia Szydlo Joshua Walters
12:05-12:35Johnathen ConstantChayse GoodenJohnathen Constant
12:35-13:05Lily O'ConnorOlivia Szydlo Joshua Walters Lily O'ConnorOlivia Szydlo
13:05-13:35Chayse GoodenJohnathen ConstantChayse GoodenJohnathen Constant
13:35-14:05Brandon LinghamMax Conway GoutinesShante Hall-EdwardsTenzin PhunstockTrinity Li

Friday’s Lessons

Time22 Sept29 Sept6 October13 October20 October
9.15-9.45Max Conway GoutinesShante Hall-EdwardsTenzin PhunstockTrinity LiBrandon Lingham
9.45-10.15Shante Hall-EdwardsTenzin PhunstockTrinity LiBrandon LinghamMax Conway Goutines
10.15-10.45Mechelle Cobos TumbacoNicole SandwellNicole VrapiMechelle Cobos TumbacoNicole Sandwell
10.45-11.15Diego BarrosAinur RahmanDiego BarrosAinur Rahman
11.15-11.30Max Conway GoutinesMax Conway GoutinesMax Conway GoutinesMax Conway GoutinesMax Conway Goutines
11.35-12.05Mechelle Cobos TumbacoAinur RahmanMechelle Cobos Tumbaco
12.05-12.35Nicole VrapiDiego BarrosNicole VrapiDiego Barros
12.35-13.05Nicole SandwellMechelle Cobos TumbacoNicole Sandwell
13:05-13:35Ainur RahmanDiego BarrosAinur Rahman
13:35-14:05Tenzin PhunstockTrinity LiBrandon LinghamMax Conway GoutinesShante Hall-Edwards
14:05-14:35Trinity LiBrandon LinghamMax Conway GoutinesShante Hall-EdwardsTenzin Phunstock
14:50-15:20Nicole VrapiNicole SandwellNicole Vrapi

Open mornings will be held every Thursday morning at 9:30-11:00am until the end of October.

Our open evening is on Tuesday 10th October 5:30-7:30pm.