The Great AMSI Year 7 Spelling Bee!

Dear Parents/Carers,

Re: Extended Schools Programme – Spelling Bee

As part of AMSI’s Extended Schools Programme, we are very happy to offer your child the opportunity to take part in the 4th Great AMSI Spelling Bee competition. This is a charitable event where pupils are asked to independently raise £5 to enter.

This year we are raising funds for the LGBTQ+ rights charity ‘Stonewall’.

AMSI encourages all pupils to care about others and to consider the concept of improving the lives of people that are less fortunate. A major part of our school fundraising program, is ‘giving back’ for the benefit of others, and not to be self-serving. This enables pupils to learn about the important values of community spirit and charity.

The Great AMSI Spelling Bee commences with the initial round on Friday 16th March 2018 and with the Grand Final taking place on the final week of term. All finalists will win a prize!

See below for list of spellings. Good luck!

Daniel Bethell

Head of Extended Schools

020 7281 5511 ext. 1009

AMSI Spelling Bee
Round 1: 16-03-18

Accept Decisive Successful Necessary Accidental Concern Excite Sincerely Truly Knuckle Wrestle Honour Harbour Justice Practice Use Used These Learn Early Would Should Bachelor Collector Councillor Major Peaceable Noticeable Manageable Changeable Height Neither Reign Foreign Government Separate Villain Argument Decisive Successful Necessary Accidental Concern Excite


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