The Poetry Games 2018: Truth or Dare? – North London!

Congratulations to all the students whose work have just been published in The Young Writers: The Poetry Games 2018: Truth or Dare? – North London!

The Poetry Games inspires students to write for what they believe in! From voicing their opinions to what ignites a passion within them, students can be inspired by something or someone that really matters to them. They can write in any style and play with language as they want to as long as they express their ideas in an original and thoughtful way. The following students have displayed all of these skills in their writing.

Rihab • Charlotte • Ilwad • Kya • Molly • Sophia • Rebekah • Yolotzin • Lily • Adrianna • Mia • Lily • Jacqueline • Muntik • Siham • Alliah • Arianna • Jakub • Khamani • Deekon • Brittany

Well done for taking part in this competition, continue to enjoy creative writing inside and outside the classroom.

Congratulations again, from our community at AMSI.

Keep writing.

Best wishes,

Ms McLeod

AMSI English Department


Timetable: Week 2 - Mon 20th-25th Jan