AMSI Behaviour Expectations

The Big Ten

Below are the most important rules that we expect all students to follow here at school. You should familiarise yourself with them and ensure you comply with them at all times.

  1. PFI.
    Politely Follow Instructions given to you by all and any member(s) of staff. 
  1. In School, On Time.
    You need to arrive at school at 8.40am and be in your form room before the bell goes at 8.45am. 
  1. Equipped.
    You must be fully equipped – make sure you have all books for the day’s lessons and your full REP (Reading Book, Equipment and Planner). 
  1. Perfect Uniform.
    We have high standards of uniform, look smart, be smart. No inappropriate footwear, no tracksuit tops, no hoodies, no sweatshirts. 
  1. No Mobile Phones or Electronic Equipment during the school day.
    See it, Hear it, Lose it.
    Confiscated phones will be kept securely for collection by parents or guardians. The School will not be responsible for investigating the theft of mobile phones, or any other valuable items. 
  1. Be Healthy.
    Fizzy drinks, sugary fruit juice and unhealthy food must not be brought to school. Chewing gum is not allowed. 
  1. Beginning of Lessons.
    Lessons should begin with you arriving before the second bell, getting your equipment out and standing behind your desk. 
  1. Be Sensible and Kind.
    Keep your hands, feet and inappropriate comments to yourself. Students must, at all times, behave sensibly, courteously and with consideration for others, both in and out of School. 
  1. Respect Our School Environment.
    Do not drop litter, eat food in classrooms, or deface School property.
  2. Straight Home.
    Go straight home at the end of the day (unless in detention or a supervised activity). Students must not loiter on the School site or in the local community.

Achievement & Behaviour Policy