AMSI Behaviour Blueprint

At Arts & Media School Islington,  we are moving towards more positive methods of behaviour management focusing on the positivity of classes and individuals.
To this end we have implemented a Behaviour Blueprint:
RulesVisible ConsistenciesOver and Above Recognition
1. Be ready to learn.1.Meet and greet on the doors.1.Positive communication home.
2. Be respectful.2. Follow the corridor system.2. Celebratory and Reward events.
3. Be safe.3. Orderly corridors.3. Public recognition.
Relentless Routine
1. Meet and greet at the doors.2. Positive behaviour recognition.3. Be ready to learn.
Stepped SanctionsMicroscripts and MantrasRestorative Questions
1. Challenge the poor behaviour.1. Thank you for…1.What happened?
2. Focus on the positive behaviour.2. I’ve noticed…2.What were you thinking at the time?
3. Walk away - give choices.3. Do you remember when (think of a positive comment)…3.What have you thought since?
4. Check in again.4. I need you to…4. How did this make you feel?
5. Deal with the behaviour without an audience.5. It was the rule about...that you broke...5. How can we move forward?

Behaviour for Learning Policy