General PoliciesDate
Assessment & Reporting2016
AttendanceNovember 2018-2019
Anti-Bullying Policy September 2015-2017
Behaviour for Learning PolicyMarch 2019-December 2021
COVID 19 Behaviour Policy Addendum
Behaviour Blueprint
BCS Centre’s Quality Assurance ProcedureMarch 2017
Charging & RemissionsDecember 2015-2018
Complaints Procedure Policy (for parents)December 2018-2020
Equality information and objectivesJanuary 2017
General ICT & E-safetyJanuary 2017
Most AbleSeptember 2015
Due for Renewal
School Accessibility PlanJanuary 2017
Relationships and Sexual Health (Sex and Relationship Education)October 2015
Special Educational Needs & Disabilities PolicyJanuary 2019
Whistleblowing PolicyAugust 2018
Safeguarding PoliciesDate
AMSI Safeguarding & Child Protection PolicySeptember 2020
Working Together to Safeguard ChildrenJuly 2018
Keeping children safe in education. DfESeptember 2020
Privacy Notice: How we use Pupil InformationApril 2019
Privacy Notice: How we use Children in Need (CIN) and Children Looked After (LAC) informationApril 2019
Exam PoliciesDate
Exams Policy2019-2020
Summer 2020 Results and Appeals processJuly 2020
Internal Appeals Procedures2020-2021
Exam Contingency Plan2020-2021
Non-examination assessment policy2020-2021
Complaints and Appeals Procedure (Exams)2020-2021
Equalities Policy (Exams)2020-2021
Access Arrangements Policy2020-2021
Word processor policy (exams)2020-2021
Special consideration policy2019/2020
Policy for the management of controlled assessments2017-2018

Admission Policy

Arts and Media School Islington offers places for students in line with Islington Council’s Community Schools’ Admissions policy. Please follow the link below to access the relevant Determined Admission Arrangements documents.

Islington Community School Determined Admission Arrangements

All other policies, including information on equality and related objectives are available from the school office on 0207 281 5511, or contact us via email.