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Centre of the Cell: Year 9 Trip

To support our Year 9 students thinking about career ideas and supporting them in making their Option choices to
study in KS4, 24 of our students spent the day at Centre of the Cell in Queen Marys University.

Based in Whitechapel, the students participated in a ‘Science Pod Experience’ and a workshop based around Careers in Science. Centre of the Cell is a science education centre and it is the first science education centre in the world to be located within working biomedical research laboratories. They seek to have a positive impact on the
educational, career and health choices for young people.

The STEM Pod Experience is an interactive science experience using the state-of-the-art immersive show featuring films, gaming and learning. The workshop is a presenter-led experience which includes challenges and tasks for the groups to complete as they go through the workshop. Students had the opportunity to think about the range of Careers within Science, materials that may be used, skills and personal qualities that would be useful and the range of entry routes into Scientific careers.

The foundation of the learning is based on the trillions of Cells within the body. In the picture above, the group is
standing under a very large replica of a single human Brain cell and the white strands are the receptors.

SKANSKA – Construction Engineering Year 9 student trip

To support our Year 9 students, think about career ideas and support them in making their Option choices to study in KS4, 16 of our students spent the day at SKANSKA 20-22 Ropemaker project  office, based in Moorgate, with a range of professionals learning about the various roles within the  construction industry.  

They met with those in project development, planning, management as well as Health & Safety and  skilled operatives. Students had the opportunity to observe the build from a viewing station and  also experience Health & Safety training via 4D visual visors. Students heard about different career  paths and asked questions to further understand the opportunities available in the ever-growing  sector of Construction. 

Arts & Media School Islington thank SKANSKA for ensuring that students gained as much as they  could from the day and the time the company invested in career education. 

Some student comments:

  • “I am now aware that construction doesn’t just involve bricklaying”
  • “I never really thought much about going into Architecture but now it is a possibility”
  • “I know what kind of jobs roles there are in making buildings”
  • “I learned how to get a job in construction without going to University”
  • “I learned about the different coloured hats”
  • “I learned that Health & Safety is most important”
  • “It was educational and enjoyable” “I have enjoyed today”

Presenting Yourself Day – Year 11 

22nd October 2021

It was really pleasing to see our Year 11 students embrace the opportunity of ‘Being professional’ for the day and to ‘step out of the playground’ and engage with those who were with us for the day from the World of work.

We had 23 Business volunteers in school for the day, from a wide range of professions. Students worked in small groups with our business volunteers on CV’s and Cover letters and mock interviews as well as hear about career routes in a ‘Share Your Career Path’ talk in the theatre.

The Business volunteers were really impressed with our students’ attitude and their engagement in the process and were only too happy to let us know. Overall the students took on the challenge and completed a questionnaire at the end. Below are the results from 94 returns out of 130 students

Thank you to all those who supported the day and to our youth Islington colleague, Diana James, for engaging our Business Volunteers.

Year 10 Virtual Work Experience

Many thanks to everyone who contributed towards the Year 10 Virtual Work Experience.

This was the first time we have done anything like this in AMSI and so it was really exciting to see how it would go with employers linking in on live sessions. Students reflected positively on how the two days went and they have produced some excellent work.

The Careers & Enterprise Company, who are supporting us to develop our Careers program over the next 3 years, who provided the materials and employers were also pleased with how it all turned out. Working with outside agencies and employers is key to ensuring that students can see beyond the school walls and into the World of Work.

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