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Planning for the future is something we should all have in mind at all times.  Make sure that all your years of hard work and study are leading you to the Career that you want in the future – that makes you happy to go to work every day- to do the job you love and GET PAID FOR IT!!.

I have added a few websites below that will help you with this and help you to understand the huge range of opportunities available to you, many of the videos have people talking about their jobs to really help you get a flavour of their day.  

There are 4 links:

  • National Careers Service – researching careers
  • Careers Box – videos of people in their jobs
  • UCAS – researching and applying to University
  • – researching and applying for apprenticeships


  1. Spend time looking at these resources and learn from them
  2. When you find something that really interests you, research it further on the internet, there is plenty of further information out there
  3. Write a plan down so that you do not forget things
  4. Speak with your family and relatives about their jobs and why they do it and how they got into it. Are they doing the job they dreamed of
  5. Remember – nothing is beyond the reach of someone who works hard to achieve their goals and dreams

National Careers Service

We provide information, advice and guidance to help you make decisions on learning, training and work.

National Careers Service Website

Explore careers has lots of information on different job areas. You can explore a range of careers within one job area, find out how to get into that type of work, the skills and qualifications needed, how much you could earn and how you could progress your career in that area and much more…

Skills assessment is a free quiz asking you questions about the things you like and how you manage things so that it can suggest some job areas to look at and explore further.  The suggestions may match your own ideas so it would be interesting for you to see your results.

Help to get a job explains how to write a CV and Covering letter.  Also tips for interviews and answering common questions. This can help you to prepare yourself for the future – so  very useful. You could ask your parents to set up a mock interview for something you are interested in so that you get to practice and develop the skill, the more practice the more confident you will be!


Careersbox, part of the Careersinfo Group, is an online library of careers film, news and information. Our aim has always been to deliver the right information at the right time to students
Our case study films show real people doing real jobs, giving viewers insight into careers across all sectors and helping them to find their ideal career. 

Careersbox Website

For anyone who knows Action Jackson – he has been to our school – he has a Speak Out motivational video on the home page – Don’t keep your aspirations to yourself – speak out about them and make them happen!!


Explore your options, apply to university, and more

UCAS Website

Thinking about going to University? – Explore your ideas here.  – Anyone who wants to go to University will need to apply through this site.

There are thousands of different undergraduate degrees to choose from – so search for a course that interests you and it will tell you about all the modules you will study, any work placements that you may be offered in the course and the qualifications you will need.

You can open a User account for yourself, however you can use the site without opening an account, and it will save all your searches for you so you don’t forget them. There is also a lot of other information on here too.

Have a look and discover a World of Opportunity.

This is the official government website for employers and colleges to post their Apprenticeships.

Government apprenticeships website

Apprenticeships are for adults,college and 6th form leavers, those who are leaving University and there are some for school leavers, however an Apprenticeship is about Learning in a job so it will be a mixture of training/college with employment.  Most colleges are also offering Apprenticeships directly with them – so this is another place to look.

Remember – You will have to interview for an Apprenticeship just like a job, so always keep your options open and apply to college/6th Form as well – keep your options open!

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