Most Able

AMSI Scholar +


Here at Arts and Media School, we believe that every child is a scholar. Some students however, need that extra push to achieve their maximum potential. 

The Scholar+ system is designed to create a culture of high expectations and foster a collaborative community of practice among our Most Able students so that they can perform to the highest level at GCSE and beyond. 


Our identification process for the Most Able is predicated on the belief that students are more than their SATS scores. During the first half of the Autumn Term, we assess students through a combination of numerical data and direct teacher observation during lessons before a rigorous process of nominations for the Most Able cohort. Students are identified based on their ability to demonstrate the creative thinking strands.

Once students have been identified as Scholar+, they are then placed into a single registration group at the end of our Y7 transition period.

Benefits of Scholar+

Students are provided with first-refusal on additional academic opportunities aimed specifically at the highest achievers. Examples of additional educational opportunities currently existing for students are:

  • Year 8 – The Classics   
  • Year 9 – The Classics & Latin
  • Year 9 – Early entry to MFL GCSEs
  • Year 10 – Early entry & Additional Humanities GCSEs   
  • UCL and LSE workshops 

Creative thinking strands

Criteria for identifying Scholar+ students:

  • Fluencyable to generate a number of ideas/possible solutions
  • Flexibilityable to apply a variety of categories or perceptions to the same problem or given task
  • Curiosityalways probes, asks questions and searches for new understanding
  • Elaborationable to add to, or build on, an existing idea/concept
  • Originalityable to create entirely new, unusual or very different ideas
  • Complexityable to produce intricate, multifaceted responses to set tasks
  • Risk-takingis courageous and tries new things without needing to be prompted

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