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Welcome to Arts & Media School Islington blog 2021-2022 where, along with our News Page, we keep you up to date with all the fascinating events that are taking place each week at our school.

AMSI has closely followed the government guidance and therefore certain restrictions were placed on school trips during the Covid-19 pandemic.
Our blog for the the year 2021-2022 will again reflect these restrictions.


KS3 Athletics

On 5th May we took a large number of KS3 students to the annual Islington athletics event at the Finsbury Park track.

Our students performed admirably and every single one gave maximum effort in each event that they participated in. The teamwork and support they gave each other was exactly what we want to see. In addition their behaviour was outstanding throughout the day.

Well done to all the students who represented AMSI! 


MFL Students Visit Institut Francais

On Thursday 28th April, students from Year 8 and Year 9 attended a film workshop at the Institut Français in South Kensington working around the film La Famille Bélier by Éric Lartigau. After completing some activities around the plot, actors and scenes used in the film, the students watched the film in the comfort of the Cine Lumiere.

We had an amazing time and the Institut staff commented on how well behaved and polite AMSI students are.
I want to say a huge thank you to the students for attending and a special mention to Miss Galvez and Miss Allan who helped make the trip run smoothly!

ARK Studios Exhibition

It was fantastic to see a selection of our Art students’ displayed at ARK Studios, a local community art studio, close to the school.

We look forward to an ongoing collaboration with ARK Studios.

TGC Rollerskating

Last Thursday afternoon, the TGC (This Girl Can!) roller skating session took place on the basketball courts in Finsbury Park. It was a beautiful sunny and warm afternoon and all the participants had smiles on their faces, helmets on their heads, protective gear on their bodies and roller skates on their feet!

We had beginners to seasoned veterans and everything in-between! The beginners learned to move with the skates, how to fall safely and how to stop. The courts were full of girls gliding and shuffling around on their skates. We are looking forward to seeing those skills develop in this week’s roller skating session and look forward to seeing more of the participants gliding and probably less shuffling across the courts! Well done crew, you all did really well!

French Students Visit AMSI MFL

Amazing couple of days sharing experiences @AMSI_school with Institut Lluís Domènech i Montaner from Canet de Mar.

Our students had the chance to increase their cultural capital and realise how important is to learn a foreign language.

AMSI Easter Radio Show


TGC Ice Skating

For the latest week of Girls Physical Activity club sessions, the activity was Ice skating. The session was held at the Sobell Centre and the girls were on the ice for an hour accompanied by an instructor.

They had lots of fun and were very engaged in the activity! This was the final session of the spring term, next term we will have new activities for the girls to do such as roller-skating, tennis and yoga.

Years 9 & 10 Drama Trip to The Globe Theatre

The year 10 drama class and a few lucky year 9 pupils visited the Globe on 17th March to watch a production of Macbeth.

The pupils enjoyed the show especially the stage fighting and all the blood!

TGC Seated Volleyball

In this week’s This Girl Can Activity Club session the activity was Seated volleyball.

The girls expressed that they had not done this activity before and that they were very eager to take part. The session was held at The Platform and we had a brilliant sports coach from Access To Sports who ran the session.

The girls from each school were mixed and split into 4 teams to do the activity. The girls were really engaged and they had lots of fun, many of them were quite competitive!

The next session will be the final session of this term and the activity will be ice skating.


AMSI Valentines’ Day Radio Show

Arsenal Stadium Tour

Recently, Siham and I had the opportunity to attend a tour of the Arsenal Stadium. It was educational and inspiring – we got to see the various awards Arsenal received over the years, artwork that fans created, and even a painting a blind person made. We toured the many luxurious rooms, as well as the stadium itself, which was immense (although it didn’t look like it had that many seats, we learned it has over 60,000).

Outside, we sat on the manager’s seat and then we made our way to the changing rooms of both the home and away teams. Arsenal’s changing rooms were grand – they had various places to participate in physical therapy as well as a cold pool. The central area had each player’s shirt hanging up in order, where we took pictures. Afterwards, we went to the museum, where a copious amount of medals, trophies and other awards were displayed. 

We were able to attend this tour due to the fact that Sonam, Siham and I took part in helping in a race at Arsenal Stadium in October, where we had to organize and distribute water, and provide encouragement to the runners by cheering, whistling and clapping.

Mia – Year 11

Year 8 Win Penalty Shootout!!

Our year 8 football team took on COLA Highgate Hill in the cup. After being 4-2 down with 5 minutes to go they scored 2 late goals and drew 4-4. The game went straight to penalties and we won 6-5 in sudden death to go into the next round. Our goals were scored by Eyman, Marley (2) and Reon. 

Not only did the team play incredibly well but they showed great resilience and then demonstrated great sportsmanship to the losing team.
Special mentions go to Shano, Eyman and Ezana who played very well despite being in year 7!

Rio, Shano, Abdul-Jabbar, Eyman, Marley, Lukas, Andri, Thomas-Ryan, Reon, Saeed, Haytham, Lewis, Ezana & Batuhan. What a team!!!

Alumni Assembly at AMSI

Students in Year 10 had a special presentation from an ex-student who left AMSI in 2008.
Shedeanna Clarke shared her experience of school and her career paths since she left AMSI or IAMS as it was then known.

Shedeanna had a further message for students to understand ‘Only you can build your future’ and to be ‘confident, kind and focused’.  Shedeanna told students that if someone had told her she would be working on an airline, flying around the world, speaking to a whole plane full of people and now speaking with a whole year group of students, she would never have believed it.  
Shedeanna is a local resident and her mother also came along and spoke with students about being focused and that parent and carer support should be appreciated as it will support them to be successful in the future.
This was a great opportunity for our students, who really engaged, and we hope to work together again in the future.


This Girl Can Project

TGC Dodgeball & Basketball

This week the activities were Dodgeball for year 8 and Basketball for 9, 10 and 11. It was nice to see so many KS/3 and KS/4 girls from our school and from St Mary Magdalene Academy.

Starting next week, we will be doing karate lessons at the Sobell Centre in the Sobell Karate Club dojo. Girls will be taught by a female karate teacher (Lara). Girls will have three weeks of Karate, 27 January, 3 & 10 February 2022, at the usual time of 4.30-5.30pm.

t is important that students arrive at least ten minutes before the class and that girls have a bottle of water and that they wear suitable sports clothing. These will be really good sessions and will teach girls some really useful skills.

TGC Azontoboxercise

I know, it’s a bit of a mouthful but just before the break this physical activity was attended by our die hard girls activity club goers and by some year 8 pupils, who attended the club for the first time.

The girls took part in a fun session of Azontoboxercise, which is an Afro beats-inspired aerobics routine. It’s a high impact fitness class mostly done with Afro beats music and dance moves intertwined with Boxercise, Kickboxing and Taebo moves.

The session in the Sobell boxing studio was like nothing they have done before and was loud, lively, energetic and great fun! Everyone got involved, even the session organisers were freestyling their dance moves!

The girls filled the studio with their dance moves, their energy and their laughter. Make no mistake, Our Girls Can!!


AMSI Christmas Radio Show

Careers Fair

We had our annual Careers Fair in school for our Key Stage 4 students on Friday 10th December 2021. Our sports hall was well represented by opportunity providers from Colleges & 6th Forms as well as University, Apprenticeship and extracurricular offers.

This is a really valuable opportunity for our students to have access to future opportunities and whilst they visited briefly during a lesson time they were also encouraged to visit independently during their break time, which many did, which was great to see.

Year 11 students responded very well and took a very mature approach to making the most of this event and took away information, asked questions, registered an interest directly and some even enrolled on the day.

We Thank all those opportunity providers that attended for their commitment to our students and who made the day useful and such a success

This Girl Can Project

Last week’s session was a non-contact kick boxing session in the boxing studio at the Sobell Centre. The girls were put through their paces, learning kicks, punching and kicking combinations and drills. New skills were learned, sweat was shed and laughs were had! It was the last session of the year and we will be starting again in the New Year, with new activities.

We would like to take the opportunity to say thank you to the girls for taking part in the sessions this term and we hope you have enjoyed being physically active with your friends, doing all of the different types of activities that you told us you wanted to try. We are really proud of the girls for their commitment, their energy, their positive attitudes and levels of engagement and we are also proud of their efforts in the pool and the gym this term. So proud in fact that we have created individualised certificates for those individuals that took part in the activities and they were handed out to the girls at the end of the last session.

All that leaves me to say is happy holidays to you all and we are very much looking forward to sharing fun, fitness and laughter with you in 2022!


Centre of the Cell: Year 9 Trip

To support our Year 9 students thinking about career ideas and supporting them in making their Option choices to
study in KS4, 24 of our students spent the day at Centre of the Cell in Queen Marys University.

Based in Whitechapel, the students participated in a ‘Science Pod Experience’ and a workshop based around Careers in Science. Centre of the Cell is a science education centre and it is the first science education centre in the world to be located within working biomedical research laboratories. They seek to have a positive impact on the
educational, career and health choices for young people.

The STEM Pod Experience is an interactive science experience using the state-of-the-art immersive show featuring films, gaming and learning. The workshop is a presenter-led experience which includes challenges and tasks for the groups to complete as they go through the workshop. Students had the opportunity to think about the range of Careers within Science, materials that may be used, skills and personal qualities that would be useful and the range of entry routes into Scientific careers.

The foundation of the learning is based on the trillions of Cells within the body. In the picture above, the group is
standing under a very large replica of a single human Brain cell and the white strands are the receptors.

SKANSKA – Construction Engineering Year 9 student trip

To support our Year 9 students, think about career ideas and support them in making their Option choices to study in KS4, 16 of our students spent the day at SKANSKA 20-22 Ropemaker project  office, based in Moorgate, with a range of professionals learning about the various roles within the  construction industry.  

They met with those in project development, planning, management as well as Health & Safety and  skilled operatives. Students had the opportunity to observe the build from a viewing station and  also experience Health & Safety training via 4D visual visors. Students heard about different career  paths and asked questions to further understand the opportunities available in the ever-growing  sector of Construction. 

Arts & Media School Islington thank SKANSKA for ensuring that students gained as much as they  could from the day and the time the company invested in career education. 

KS3 Girls Badminton

Competition was strong from 4 schools across Islington in the KS3 Girls Badminton competition at EGA school. Congratulations to the following girls who were part of our successful team.

AMSI team (1) Tula 9E, Liana 9E, Amy 9E & Maria 9E who played extremely well in all matches.

  • 1st Beacon (1)
  • 2nd AMSI (1)
  • 3rd EGA (2)
  • 4th SMMA (1)

Congratulations also to AMSI (2) Rosheen 9A, Malkoeser 9A, Larissa 9E, Ilaph 9E who were 4th in group 2.

Well done everyone who played. All the girls enjoyed themselves and had an unforgettable day.   

WildEd Action Group

Action for Conservation is a charity that runs youth environmental action projects with 12-18  year olds across the UK. These workshops consist of  3 two-hour sessions run by WildEd workshop leaders, building environmental knowledge, project management and teamwork skills.

The workshop is run by a team of young conservationists from across the world who bring their real-world experiences to the classroom and show students what being a conservationist can look like. The main purpose of the programme is action for conservation. These WildEd workshops help schools focus on ways to improve not only the environment within the local community, but also the school environment; as a healthy school environment benefits learning.

At AMSI, we are currently working on designing and leading our own environmental action projects, for example: tackling our use of plastic waste within the school.

The current group members names are: Jason, Craig, Luca, Malak, Grace and Harun

We are still recruiting other students to come on board to work on these exciting projects around our school community this term..

AMSI Girls Football Tournament

On Wednesday 6th October 2021 KS/3 and on 4th November 2021 girls enjoyed a school football friendly tournament.

It was an excellent occasion and the girls represented themselves well. It was a great opportunity for students to lead themselves, forming their own teams, and all the girls showed a great level of independence.

The KS3 team played very well. Giuliarose led the team from the front, as well as being an excellent role model as captain. Azariah also put in excellent performance.

The KS4 team played with a positive attitude and work ethic as they always do, especially Sila, who was an excellent captain.

Their best players were Luna, Rhianna and Yezda.

Well done!

‘This Girl Can’ Project

At Arts & Media School Islington our PE Department is taking part in the ‘This Girl Can‘ project with KS3 & 4 girls. The girls have been enjoying a whole host of exciting sports and activities provided by the project and led by our PE Teacher, Dr Radzka.

TGC Trampolining

The girls attended a free trampoline park session at the Sobell Leisure centre. They were greeted by the women who run the club and then taken to the trampoline park area, where they were given free trampoline socks and were shown a safety demonstration video.

The girls then had an hour in the trampoline park, where they spent time bouncing together, making up games and laughing and chatting together.

TGC Platform dance

There have been 3 dance classes, one Zumba and two street dance sessions. The girls were led through a warm up session and taught a dance routine, which was broken down and built back up.

They also had the opportunity to choreograph a dance step themselves in small groups, which they designed and performed together as a group.

TGC Tag Archery

Tag Archery equipment was provided for this fun session. Girls were given masks and were taught how to shoot with the bow and arrow. They were split into teams and then had battles against each other, with girls having to leave the game if they were shot.

This was a really fun session and the girls absolutely loved it!

TGC Swimming

The swimming sessions started on 4th November and there are 4 weeks of sessions and what they do during those 4 weeks will depend on what the girls want to do.

With swimming equipment provided free of charge, the sessions will depend on the current skill set of the individual girls, but may include being taught to swim, getting over fear of water, improving swimming techniques and tips on breathing in the pool.

The sessions will also include water polo and synchronized swimming techniques. The girls that cannot go do the swim sessions for whatever reason, will be taken into the studio and will do some activities there or in the gym.

TGC Boxing

We ran two boxing sessions, due to the popularity of the class. The session was a box fit class, involving some HITT and paired work, where the girls were partnered to do pad work. The sessions were high energy and full of hard work, fun and laughter.

The session included a whole session team game and the girls gave it their all. This class has given them the opportunity to spend time with girls from other schools and through this, new relationships have formed and classes like these have united the girls as a group.

Badminton Teams’ Success

On 2nd November, we hosted the KS3 Islington badminton boys tournament at AMSI and AMSI were the winners!

Congratulations to Jaiden, Toby, Oliver and Namkha (all year 9) who came out on top and only lost 1 out of 12 games throughout the tournament!

In addition, our B team finished 2nd overall and only lost to our A team! Congratulations to Matteo, Ahmed, Mohamed and Lukas (year 8) on their performances.


Present Yourself Day 2021

It was great to see the return of Present Yourself Day where our Year 11 students swap their school uniform for formal business attire and speak to volunteers from a variety of industries to gain insight and experience of life beyond education.

The volunteers were impressed at the manner in which the AMSI students took part in the day and took on board the advice and instructions on how to navigate their way into further education and employment.

Arsenal Charity Run

AMSI girls met at bright and early at 7am outside the Emirates stadium for the annual Arsenal Charity run. This involved 5 groups for runners doing laps of the stadium for 1 hour. The girls main duties were distributing much needed water to the runners and also being encouraging the runners as they passed.

They really excelled in this role and were by far the most vocal and enthusiastic cheerleaders present! They maintained this energy for the whole day until the last runner crossed the line at 3:30pm.

They really were a credit to the school and several organisers passed on their admiration to me during the day.

Mr Duffy

Jack Petchey Speak Out Challenge Workshops

The Jack Petchey team have returned to help out year 10 students find their voice for the annual Jack Petchey Speak Out Challenge.

Already, we have some serious contenders who are ready to take to the stage and present their chosen subject under the spotlight. We look forward to seeing all the presentations in the competition which AMSI has seen a lot of success in recent years.

Year 9 Football Team

Our year 9 football team played in the final stage. The team were competing in a final 4 group, unfortunately we did not finish in the top 2 but our boys gave everything in three tough games and it was a major achievement getting to the final in the first place.

Congratulations are thoroughly deserved to Arthur, Jaiden, Matteo, Damario, Ahmed, Ife, Salim, Luis, Nabil & Adam.

Well done Year 9 and also a special mention to the students who came and watched!

Year 8 Trip to the Globe

On Thursday 7th October, we embarked upon the first official AMSI school trip since the start of the pandemic!

Around 60 enthusiastic Year 8 students – accompanied by 7 members of staff – travelled to the Globe Theatre in Southwark to watch Shakespeare’s infamous A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Our students were exuberant when the Hackney Colliery Band, performing a brass instrumental, took centre stage in the opening of the play. The theatrical performance that followed was truly outstanding. Lucky enough to have standing seats in the ‘yard’ at stage-level, our students found themselves right in the heart of the action. The A Midsummer Night’s Dream Shakespeare Company comprised a diverse, talented, inspirational cast who created a genuine buzz amongst our students. The acting and costumes had us in stitches as the plot journeyed through its various twists and turns.

My Oberon! what visions have I seen!

Thank you to all the students and staff who attended for a fun day out – and a very welcome return to normality! 

Year 10 Football Team

On Tuesday 5th October our year 10s left school to play St Aloysius in their 2nd league game of the season.

Despite losing 4-0 our students played really well against a very good side. The students displayed wonderful attitude and behaviour even in defeat!

We are particularly impressed and proud of Nabil and Arthur who were playing up a year group and handled themselves fantastically. Well done team!

Jeremy, Richard, Wilmer, Arthur, Nabil, Malachi, Abdirahman, Isaiah, Sebastian & Ilyas

Year 10 Virtual Work Experience

Many thanks to everyone who contributed towards the Year 10 Virtual Work Experience.

This was the first time we have done anything like this in AMSI and so it was really exciting to see how it would go with employers linking in on live sessions. Students reflected positively on how the two days went and they have produced some excellent work.

The Careers & Enterprise Company, who are supporting us to develop our Careers program over the next 3 years, who provided the materials and employers were also pleased with how it all turned out. Working with outside agencies and employers is key to ensuring that students can see beyond the school walls and into the World of Work.


Key Stage 3 Homework Support

We are really happy to see so many of our KS3 students turning up, after school, to seek support or just to use the space in the canteen area to do their homework.

Homework support runs each day of the week from 2:15pm with teachers on hand to provide any support or advice where needed and it’s really encouraging to see the students taking the opportunity.

European Day of Languages

Hi! iHola! Salut!

26th September is the European Day of Languages. To celebrate the MFL department held a word treasure hunt for Year 7 where students searched the school for the word ‘Hello’ in as many different languages as possible.

Well done to our amazing winners for your participation and commitment!!

1st Shantae 7C (38 words) 2nd Ritaaj 7A (34 words) 3rd Eduarda 7D (31 words)

Year 9 Football Team

Wednesday 15th Sept saw our Year 9 football team successfully qualify for the semi-finals on 20th October.

In their group AMSI beat Beacon High 1-0 with Jaiden scoring. They then won their second game against COLA-I 2-1 with Arthur scoring both goals. AMSI lost the last game against William Ellis 1-0 but the 6 points were enough to qualify for the final four!

Congratulations to Arthur, Nabil , Matteo , Damario, Jaiden, Dominic, Salim, Ahmed, Adam & Ife.

Come on Year 9!!!

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