Anti-Bullying Week 2021: One Kind Word

Anti-Bullying Week 2021 was coordinated in England and Wales by the Anti-Bullying Alliance. It took place from 15 to 19 November 2021 and had the theme ‘One Kind Word’.

At Arts & Media School, we started the week with assemblies on the theme of ‘One Kind Word’ and then students took part in Odd Socks Day towards the end of the week.

We have also put out a Google form for students and staff to offer a kind word to any other students or staff members.

See below for the messages of kindness:

Name of SenderStaff or Student Tutor GroupKind Word to ColleagueKind Word About AMSI
CheyanneYear 10Isabella 10E - Thank you for always being a good friend to me.I like how everyone is different in their own unique way.
CheyenneYear 10Miss Galvez is super sweet in her tutor group and very helpful.It a really great school loads of great staff and students.
ThomasYear 9Mrs Harris(SENCO) Thank you for your help with what I have been going through these past years of my school life. I would just like to thank you for your kInd words of encouragement.Heartwarming.
Mr CastilloSTAFFTo Tula, Maria, Larissa & Liana. 9E
Not only they are exceptional students, but they consistently check their peers' mood and mine too, noticing when something is off and suporting them and me to get the best day possible.
When you have one of those days..., you only need to seek for them and they have a nice word, a smile or a positive comment that suddenly helps you share light to your day.
We are a big family.
Mr MuharremSTAFFKrystal - 7B
Krystal you sparkle just like your name, you have made an amazing start at AMSI - well done!
High expectations for all.
Mr MartinsSTAFFMs. Colette Brennan Media Teacher
Welcome to AMSI! I celebrate your Effort, Skill and Talent. I am excited for the future of the children and Staff at AMSI as they bask in the mastery of your Art. I send you peace and blessing on your AMSI Trip! May providence Guide and Equip you with all the tools and recourses. I honour you Ms. Brennan.
AMSI Is A Melting Pot of The World Cultures.
KaioYear 10For people who get bullied, don't let the bullies get to you I have been through that same situation so I understand how you all feel. The most Important thing to do Is to tell a member of staff or a parent. We have to treat people equally. we are all humans lets start acting like one.Bullying is a word that brings bad things but everyone has power to change that.
Ms GalvezSTAFFEmma-Jane Vickers -- You are kind, you are smart, you are important.Community
AutumnYear 8Elea 8C you are the best friend I have ever had.It has a good education system
ArchieYear 8Jeremiah 8C. He is really cool.It is fun and exhilarating.
CraigYear 8Hi Archie have a great day and make sure you do all of your school work.they got the best teachers.
AhmedYear 8Ayub is a very tall and funny man and he's kind.its very big and the pond looks amazing.
BatuhanYear 88C Emre. He is a good student and a good friend.Good
EmreYear 88C Batuhan He is a good friend and a good student.Good
LucaYear 8Craig, you were very nice this week.Some of the lessons are fun.
AlfieYear 8Lorena. 8C. She is a normal student that sits next to me. She is very kind. :)It is a fun school and the lessons are cool.
MarshallYear 8Dear Mr Basham I really like history and having a good teacher really helps that. I love every thing to do with history. Thanks sir for being a great teacher. From Marshall 8cThe food and the teachers
MohamedYear 8To Haytham (8E), thank you for being my friend from the start of the year.there are options that you can pick
MayYear 8MIss.Stephanou as she is a good form tutor and she likes to check in on everyone and even though she gets things done properly, she still has some fun.It's supportive
TylerYear 8My message goes to Olu in 8B for being a good friend and always being kind.AMSI is a good school because the teachers are very kind and helpful
XaniiYear 8Olu in 8b he is a very funny guy and makes me laugh almost every dayAMSI has a very polite staff
NathanYear 7Madame Galvez french, I like french with Miss Galvez as she is kind and has fun lessons.It has kind people
HarunYear 7Eyad, thank you for being my og and being my number 1 since primary and thank you for backing me. You're the best friend anyone could ask for.The food is nice
KrystalYear 7To all members of staff, you have helped us learn and to get smart and shown us how to be the best we can be in life. Also for telling us we can do and telling us not to give up. Helping us when we are in a bad place and upset. Thank you The staff
AyubYear 8Mohammed, for making me laugh.It's people are creative and funny
PabloYear 7Gabriel is a very kind person and a good a very good school
YasirYear 7Pablo 7b he is just a very nice guy and a cool person to speak with also is a great friend.A kind school
KanihaYear 8Latifa 8A She is so supportive when other people are mean. Alfie 8C He is very supportive and kind to me and others. Lorena 8C She is the same, if I was upset she would ask me if I was all right.AMSI has very important our 4 cornerstones CONFIDENCE,ASPIRATION,RESPECT AND REFLECTION
SumayaYear 7Maysa 7B Kind and helpful and never fails to make people laugh.It's a prestigious school and has helpful staff
AntonelaYear 7Bilal have a good a nice school
MarkosYear 8Maleka Begum (Assistant Headteacher Pastoral). Miss Begum has always been kind to me and to others around her. And also greets and supports anyone she sees or is around her. I can't think of a time when Miss Begum has ever disrespected anyone.Students of AMSI always Aim High and are Respectful and Focused to achieve their goals. Staff always are Respectful and kind to their pupils.
AngelYear 8(STUDENTS)
Elea (8C), Autumn (8C), Khadija (8E), Markos (8B), Rania (8E)

Miss Stephanou (Dance Teacher), Miss Akram (English Teacher), Dr.Radzka (PE Teacher),Mrs Taqvi (Science Teacher),Mr.Mani (Science Teacher),Miss D.Maria (Art Teacher),Miss Vickers (Spanish Teacher),Miss Dattani (Maths Teacher),Mr.Basham (History and Geography Teacher),Mr.Wallen (RE Teacher),Mr.Robinson (PSHE Teacher),Mr Rahman (Computer Science Teacher),Miss Brennan (Media Teacher),Mr.Dow (Music Teacher),
They are all very kind and supportive.
And they are all very great teachers. :))

The students I have listed are very kind and respectful.
The teachers are very kind and they teach very well. :)
MaysaYear 7This is for Sumaya 7B, I just want to say you are a very caring person and you are also very helpful.You guys are amazing
Ms MirzaSTAFFTo Naxto, you are an amazing teacher and head of department for MFL. You consistently strive to be the best for both students and staff members. You are a great role model and inspiration. Your enthusiastic personality is contagious and makes everyone smile.AMSI works well as a team and is caring school.
LewisYear 8Ayub 8B- Funny and a very nice person, brilliant to sit next to in lessons.Every teacher is very supportive and wishing the best o anyone in and around their class.
Ms WaltersSTAFFEstefan 10C- You are unique and super-amazing. Remember to always stay focused on becoming the best ever YOU!!!
Tiearra 9D- Always remain your authentic, super-amazing self and hold on to your crown! You are a Queen!
Angela (AHa) - Thank you for all your support and kindness. You make a very difficult role look much simpler... and thank you for managing such an awesome team.
AMSI has a friendly culture and atmosphere
Ms BrennanSTAFFClaire Walters - you are a diamond - you are so supportive, kind and wise! Thank you X Students have the most beautiful smiles and they are generous with them!
BethanyYear 10I would love to say thank you, to Ms Masawe for supporting me during Maths and support pathways because she is so understanding.Teachers and staff are understanding
BethanyYear 10I would love to say thank you, to Mr Dow for giving me a challenge during music and expanding my knowledge on things I don't know. Thank you so much Mr Dow From Bethany 10DStaff and teachers are helpful
Ms GilkesSTAFFMr Owusu - Teaching Assistant. Consistently flexible in your many roles at AMSI.A place for Every One
NuriahYear 9Mr Badu is the best head of year.good education
IvorYear 7To ???
You have been a great friends from the first day we met
By Ivor
It is a great and supporting school through education and kindness
JeremyYear 10Mr Aborah (PE) and Mr Panayiotou (PE) you guys are great teachersThere are good teachers
ArkuYear 9Dear Stephen Badu, Head Of Year 9, I want to send this kind message to you as you supported me since I arrived, you made me feel very comfortable in this school and treated me with respect as well as being very kind and nice to me, so now I am going to be kind and nice to you by writing this message, because you are a very very nice person as well as being really good and furthermore, I think that you deserve this for all the good that you have done, you are doing and you will do. So, in conclusion, I hope that you enjoyed this message. Regards, Arku.One positive thing that I can say about AMSI is that it's a very good school, which committed to fight and eliminate Bullying. But also, AMSI is an integrative school which allows students from all countries, races, colour skin, etc... to be part of it without being exclusive.
Luna CruzYear 10I want to thank every teacher that helped me achieve my goals. mr Agufana(head of year 10), Mr Panayiotou(PE teacher), Mr Castillo(Spanish teacher), Miss Mcmenamin(English teacher), Miss Ackerly(English teacher), Miss Monjardino(English teacher), Miss Radzka(PE teacher and also girls club), Miss Stephanou(dance teacher),Miss Jade(music/singing teacher), Mr King(used to be history teacher), Mr Hogarth(used to be geography teacher), and Miss Service for giving me a chance at Arts and Media School. Thanks to my bestfriend nuria for being with me since the day we meet and thats it.creativity. freedom
JustinYear 7Thank you Mr Thomson for making me feel better when I feel a bit sad.Thank you for making me fell welcomed to AMSI
NicholasYear 8Hayden 8A makes me laugh every time I see him.Teachers are understanding.
IsabellaYear 9Alex 9C you are very nice. Thanks for being there for me I'm always here for you :)Its an amazing school that takes care of their students
SophieYear 7Leena 7D was the first person to talk to me when we first started. I was very lonely before that. She is a great friend.Most teachers are much kinder than the ones in primary
DaniaYear 7Adriana 7B
Adriana your an amazing friend I love when u tell me jokes and you're beautiful.
Its an amazing school I love all of the staff and the teachers
KrystalYear 7To Dexter Morgan-Thompson. As a head of year 7 you are doing amazing job. Thank you for coming in to our form classes and telling us we can do the best we can and telling us we can do it. Because of you I believe in myself. I can say to myself I can do because I can do. The reason I can do it is because you told me I can so I try my hardest to show u that your words that come out of your mouth can change a person and make them happy. After you leave the class I will always have a smile on my face. Thank you from Krystal.That the school has got everything you need to support u.
Ms BegumSTAFFSusan Service: It's not easy carrying the AMSI world on your shoulders but just remember, we've got you back!AMSI is safe. AMSI is secure. AMSI is caring.
Mr BaduSTAFFJust want to say I appreciate all the work the staff do but I really want to call out Tracey, Chanelle and Hayley they have been amazing they are always willing to help with any situation with a smile
Thank you so much for what you do.
Good People
Ms Kyauka-MasaweSTAFFTo Bethany 10D - you're a respectful, focused, helpful and a very caring student. You always try your level best, it is a pleasure working with you. You are a STAR. Diversity, Teamwork spirit, and Caring Staff.
Ms BegumSTAFFSanja Milankovich: You are an unsung hero! Thank you for all your support with the pastoral team, especially with the Year 7s. AMSI is safe. AMSI is secure. AMSI is caring.
Ms BegumSTAFFSamuel Owusu and Bianca Esnard: thank you for all your support with the pastoral team- you've become part of the extended pastoral family!AMSI is safe. AMSI is secure. AMSI is caring.
Ms BegumSTAFFJanina Morgan: Thanks for keeping us on our toes when it comes to safeguarding!AMSI is safe. AMSI is secure. AMSI is caring.
Ms BegumSTAFFPastoral Team: Thank you for all that you do; it is noticed, valued and you are all appreciated for the different qualities you bring to the team. AMSI is safe. AMSI is secure. AMSI is caring.
Ms BegumSTAFFEnglish Department: You're just fabulous!AMSI is safe. AMSI is secure. AMSI is caring.
Mr RobinsonSTAFFMany thanks to SBa for your support while teaching the year group - always on hand, nothing too much trouble - you're doing an excellent job!It is inclusive and creative!
EfeYear 88C Jeremiah, you're very good at football and kind.AMSI has good Staff.
AlfieYear 8Lorena 8C (student) she's really kind.Its a good school, same with the teachers.
MarshallYear 8Dear Dr Radzka you have been a really good form tutor so far this year and I'm excited to have you for the rest of the year.The caring nature of the staff.
AutumnYear 8Zoya you are the best person ever.AMSI is best at providing better environmental skills to save the planet.
LucaYear 8Craig You were very kind and supportive this week.Some of the lessons are fun
CraigYear 8Luca make sure that no one can hurt your feelings and then you need to get a smile on your face. Luca don't let anyone disturb you when you are doing your work.Teachers always listen to all of the children's feelings.
LorenaYear 8Alfie nice library monitorFun.
ArchieYear 8Mr Chowdhury-Maths
Thank you for teaching me maths.
It is fun and exhilarating.
KanihaYear 8Latifa 8A(She is was always with me even when i went through hard times until now. Alfie 8C(He was supportive since we were friends and he wasn't mean to me. Lorena 8C(she is a very good friend. When I'm upset she would ask me if I'm okay.AMSI staff really care about their students and always take the right decisions towards their students.
Ms Duffus-BrownSTAFFTracey, Hayley and Louise. For being so supportive and encouraging.
They always help me with anything i need and have made the last week so much more easier by having their support. I appreciate them very very much.
Great staff.
ArthurYear 9Mr Dilaver, my favourite substitute teacher ever. You make supply lessons way more fun. Lunch.
SumayaYear 7Maysa 7B, Funny and kind and never fails to make people laugh.It's a prestigious school and is notorious for it's hard-working students and selfless staff.
MaysaYear 7Sumaya 7B she is very kind and smart and is always helping people.You guys are amazing.
Mr AndersenSTAFFIriha Siklodi did a fantastic job deep cleaning our music classroom A224 prior to new computer equipment being installed.Awsome people, both staff and students!
Ms MorganSTAFFTo all staff - keep up the amazing work you all do with our young people.I have a great, supportive line manager so thanks.
EvieYear 8Luca 8C you are a great person.They make school fun.
ZitaYear 7Hello whoever is reading this :) !!! I hope you are doing well and I wish you have a very good day/night. Bye!It is a very caring school.
ZudeysiYear 7Mr Mani is the best teacher in world.Is very good.
YunisYear 7Mr Mani, Science tutor, Best teacher in the world.It is a nice school.
KubaYear 7Hello Alexander you are a nice person.It gives good education.
Ms StubbsSTAFFAlex for asking how my day was and always being so polite.We are a community and when it is at its best we support each other through the bad times and laugh together through the good and bad times.
IbrahimYear 7To Gabriel, 7B. You're a good friend and funny.The lunch is nice.
SophieYear 7Mr Thompson
He is always kind and always has a bright smile on his face.
Most teachers are much kinder than the ones in primary.
PreciousYear 9Teanna - She is always willing to help me improve my work.There is alot of diversity.
ArkúYear 9Hi Thomas, 9B and Assistant of the Head Of Year 9, I want to write this message to you as you are a kind and very nice child as well as friend and you were one of the first kids in this school to support me when I arrived, so now I am going to write something kind to you, hoping that could support you now, because I think you deserve it.
One positive thing that I could say about AMSI is that is a school which treats everyone equally and offers pupils many opportunities for their learning.
AymanYear 8Your science lessons are really fun and engaging and the kahoots are fun. Also, you are a nice form tutor. Ms Antwi 8e form tutor, science teacher.It is a fun school with a wide range of lessons
MeqielYear 11Jakub 11E, Damian 11B, Stephen 11B, Mohammad 11A. They are my best friends.
Ms Stephanou, Mr Panayiotou, Mr Wallen, Mr Mani, Mr Duffy, Mr Cohen, MR HOGARTH (even he doesn't work here no more). They are the best teachers.
The A and the M in AMSI.
TayibaYear 8I love Sahur, Imaan, Maliha, Sharon, Hafsa, Sabrina, 랜드 <3Great community, combined positive energy.
Mr BashamSTAFFMr. Castillo - He always gives his time to help other staff. He assists lots of members of staff with teaching and learning advice, Google classroom issues and general school queries. He is a hero!There is a growing unity and community among staff.
DylanYear 7Sidney: Your a good friend.Its a fun school to go to.
RamlaYear 7This is for Siham, she is in 11E and she is so nice. We met each other in the E class breakfast and she was so generous and invited me to talk with her friends. She also greets me every time she sees me. I believe she is doing her mock GCSEs and I hope she passes all of them :)! All of her friends are amazing as well and they are lucky to be her friend!!It is a very good school! And it is easy to make friends, and the teachers are also nice.
Ms BegumSTAFFAngella Harris and the Pupil Support Team:

Angella Harris: you are an exceptional SENCO and AMSI is very fortunate to have you.

Pupil Support: You are an amazing team, collaborative with each other, patient with our students; we recognise that your work is not easy but everything you do is of such great benefit to the staff and student of AMSI, we thank you.
AMSI is safe. AMSI is secure. AMSI is caring.