COVID LFO Testing: Update 25-03-21

Dear Parents and Carers, 

We have now finished the testing programme for most students in school. For those that have consented to be tested, we will now be supplying students test kits to be undertaken at home. 

Tests for students will be given to them in school. There are 7 tests in a pack, and the expectation is that students are tested twice a week. Because of the time taken to complete the tests, we would recommend that students complete these tests on Sunday and Wednesday evenings, so that it does not become rushed in the mornings.  Full instructions on how to complete the tests can be found here

We will deliver the first set of tests to students in their lessons, but after Easter the expectation will be for students to collect them from a central point in the school on a fortnightly basis. 

Parents and carers of school age students also have the opportunity to get Lateral Flow tests on a regular basis. These tests can be ordered online or be picked up test kits from certain Islington test sites. More information about ordering and collecting tests can be found here.

Although our expectation is the tests are completed at home, we will be keeping a small testing facility in school for those unable to complete tests at home. Should you wish your child to use this facility, please contact us.