End of Term Letter

Dear Parents and Carers, 

This school year has certainly been the most challenging that we have faced but we are now at the end of the academic year 20-21. I have been impressed with the dedication of my staff and the resilience of our students who have come to school and worked hard given the trying circumstances throughout this year.

Ahead of the new school year, I wanted to share with you some important updates and changes that will be taking place from September. Please read till the end as these changes are key for the smooth running of our community. 

Achievement and Behaviour

In updating our achievement and behaviour policy, we have made some significant changes, all of which we believe will assist in keeping the school a calm and purposeful environment. We have also listened to our students who have told us they would like more public recognition of their successes, and reflected this in our achievement policy. The policy will be placed on the school website and we will send a link out to you in the coming weeks, but below you can see the sanctions a rewards ladders; 

Sanctions Ladder 


The school rewards students when they demonstrate the attributes of the 4 Cornerstones. Our values are promoted through these 4 important features of an AMSI Scholar – Confidence, Aspiration, Reflection and Respect. Each one of these Cornerstones is promoted in the following way:

Confidence – We are a community of innovative scholars. Staff guide and support every learner to think creatively, enquire relentlessly and contribute confidently to their world. 

Aspiration – All within the community are challenged to surpass their internal expectations and aspirations. 

Reflection – All within the community understand where we are, where we are going and how we will get there. 

Respect – We care for each other and our learning environment. That care and respect is extended to people in our surrounding community. 

Cornerstones (CS Points)

The actions and events indicated below and any others beyond are awarded with CS points in a single category – these can be awarded in multiples of 1, 2 or 3. The aim is to build up CS points in all 4 categories to gain rewards and develop skills in all areas, displaying the qualities of an all round AMSI Scholar. These are called a Scholar Sweep.  

The Big Ten 

So that everyone is aware of our general expectations, we have created ‘The Big Ten’ – a list of general rules which all students should be familiar with and follow. This can be found  in every student’s planner. 

  1. PFI. Politely Follow Instructions given to you by all and any member(s) of staff. 
  1. In School, On Time. You need to arrive at school in the correct Key Stage window (KS3 8.15-8.30, KS4 9.10-9.25) and be in your form room before the bell goes. 
  1. Equipped. You must be fully equipped – make sure you have all books for the day’s lessons and your full REP (Reading Book, Equipment and Planner). 
  1. Perfect Uniform. We have high standards of uniform, look smart, be smart. No inappropriate footwear, no tracksuit tops, no hoodies, no sweatshirts. 
  1. No Mobile Phones or Electronic Equipment during the school day. See it, Hear it, Lose it. Confiscated phones will be kept securely for collection by parents or guardians. The School will not be responsible for investigating the theft of mobile phones, or any other valuable items. 
  1. Be Healthy. Fizzy drinks,  sugary fruit juice and unhealthy food must not be brought to school. Chewing gum is not allowed. 
  1. Beginning of Lessons. Lessons should begin with you arriving before the second bell, getting your equipment out and standing behind your desk. 
  1. Be Sensible and Kind. Keep your hands, feet and inappropriate comments to yourself. Students must, at all times, behave sensibly, courteously and with consideration for others, both in and out of School. 
  1. Respect Our School Environment. Do not drop litter, eat food in classrooms, or deface School property.
  1. Straight Home. Go straight home at the end of the day (unless in detention or a supervised activity). Students must not loiter on the School site or in the local community.

Uniform and Equipment

We will expect all students in full school uniform on our return to school – this includes days when they have PE (kit must be brought into school to be changed into as students did pre-COVID). Our uniform list can be found here. One significant change is that we will be allowing students to wear plain black trainers to school (no ticks/stripes of any colour). 

Please be aware that if students attend school on the first day in an incorrect uniform they will be sent home to change. 

Attendance and Punctuality

We expect all students to be in school regularly and on time.  The target for each student is 97% attendance and 100% Punctuality. Students that are late to school will receive a 30 minute same day detention after school. Our September 2021 Attendance and Punctuality policy can be found here

As of September, all students will enter the school from the main student entrance on Turle Road – 8.15am-8.30am for KS3, and 9.10am-9.25am for KS4. 

COVID Testing

I wrote to you last week to outline our plans for LFT COVID 19 Testing in September. The plans and the consent form can be found here.  

It is essential that your child has an opportunity to rest and reflect over the Summer in preparation for September, but time spent reviewing and reflecting on work completed during this year will be hugely beneficial for their starting point in September.  Oak Academy have produced some excellent online resources to support independent study over the summer break, which can be found here: https://www.thenational.academy/summer-learning-support. The site also offers a virtual library which has free books, exclusive videos and recommendations.  As author George R.R. Martin notes: “A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies.  The man who never reads lives only one.”

I thank you all for your ongoing support over the year, and wish you all a restful break. We look forward to welcoming all students byTuesday 07 September.