Excellent Home Learning in Music

8th February 2021

Students have been working really hard over the last 6 weeks, developing their Bandlab skills and making music online. We already have 165 students making use of this fantastic resource and, fingers crossed, we are aiming for 250 users by the end of this week so, if you haven’t registered yet for your Bandlab class, please do so using the link in your classroom. 

YR8 have been studying Rap and have been using Bandlab to add beats and samples to some of the tracks that have shaped the genre since the 1970s. There really has been some great work submitted so far ………. keep it up YR8. Here is a selection of YR8 work to whet your appetite. Very well done to all of these students and to the whole of YR8 for their lovely attitude over the last 6 weeks.

Angelina 8B – Rappers Delight BASSLINE PROJECT
Arthur 8F Don’t Believe the Hype
Caelib 8B – YR8 Walk This Way RAP TASK 1
Deangelo 8D – YR8 Walk This Way RAP TASK 1
Teanna 8F

YR9 have been doing a project called ‘Beathoven’ which has allowed them to explore Beethoven’s repertoire as the 250th year anniversary celebrations of his life come to an end. YR9 students have been producing some fantastically creative responses to Beethoven’s wonderful and varied compositions. There have been so many examples of great work submitted that selecting a few to share at this stage has been extremely difficult. Very well done however to these students for their creativity, technical skills, good humour and their positivity so far……… I look forward to hearing many more of your great compositions.

Analice 9B Beethoven Pathetique 140bpm
Analice 9B Beethoven 7
Atif 9E Beethoven 5
Canuud 9B
Ikhlas 9C
Sarah 9E

Two very special mentions have to go to Connor 9E and Aqua 9E. Aqua has been making use of Bandlab to create and submit a song a week and Connor has done an incredible job with Bandlab, a mobile phone, a bass guitar and a guitar to record some Red Hot Chilli Peppers covers. 
Here is a selection of Aqua’s brilliant and incredibly varied repertoire …… so far. The vocals are still to be added! 

Aqua 1
Aqua 2
Aqua 3

Here is Connor’s latest track.