Fortnightly Behaviour Focus

Dear Parents and Carers,

Please find details of our new fortnightly behaviour focus. You must ensure you child is equipped for school – particularity in terms of their uniform – they should be wearing jumpers and blazers, as they are not allowed to wear coats in lessons. Hoodies are not appropriate for school.

Thank you for your support.

Fortnightly Behaviour Focus

Start and End of Lesson Routines 

Weekly Behaviour Focus

  • We all know that the more often we do things, the better we become at it. 
  • Therefore, we will be introducing a fortnightly behaviour focus at AMSI. 
  • Every 2 weeks, we will pick on aspect of our school routines, that the school community (students and staff) will really focus on to ensure we get it right. 
  • At the end of the fortnight, we will aim to have more a more consistent approach to things, so that you as students know the expectation is the same, no matter what lesson you have. 
  • Our first focus will be on the start and end of lesson routines.

Start of Lessons

  • If your teacher is not at the door, line up quietly against the wall by the classroom. Quietly, remind your peers who are not doing so to also follow suit. 
  • If your teacher is there, they shall greet you at the door and invite you into the lesson. 
  • Take out your REP, take off your coat and bag (these should be placed on the back of your chair/the floor respectively) and stand behind your desks. This shows that you are ready to learn. 
  • Your teacher will then invite you to sit down.

End of Lessons

  • When invited to by the teacher, stand behind your desks. 
  • Make sure your chair is tucked in and pick up any paper or litter near you to place in the bin on your way our. 
  • Your teacher will dismiss you in an orderly manner. 
  • Make your way to your next lesson.

What Do I Need To Do? 

  • Make sure you have your full REP – if you do not have a book, please make use of our excellent library. 
  • Make sure you have your blazer and jumper. You cannot wear your coats in lessons, and as it is winter, it is cold! Non full-zip hoodies and non uniform jumpers are banned. Jackets should be worn over your blazer. 
  • Be considerate to others – make sure your the area you have sat in during the lesson is tidied up.