GCSE & Btec Results

How to receive your results by email

Due to safety measures AMSI will not be open on Results Day, Thursday 20th August.

Results (and the additional information) will be posted to students in hard copy via Royal Mail but may take a few days to arrive. 

Students can, if they wish, opt in and they will receive their results by email on results day Thursday 20 August.

How to opt in to receive your results by email: 

  • Use your school email address
  • Send an email to a.orrells@amsi.school
  • State that you wish to opt in to receive your results by email 
  • Give your First Name, Last Name and Form group
  • If you cannot access your school email address, send an email to a.orrells@amsi.school and the Exams Officer will assist you
  • Emails should be received no later than 17 July