Homework Expectations

At Arts and Media School Islington, we recognise the importance of homework in supporting student progress and in developing independent study habits.

Homework is assigned to students by their subject teachers in line with departmental policies. The type of homework that is set will vary from subject to subject, but will usually relate to content studied in class, or revision of previous learning.

All homework that is set will be logged on Class Charts. This can be accessed by parents or students on the school website, using the following link:

Class charts

Below are some frequently asked questions regarding homework:

Why do we set homework?

Homework can be used to:

  • Consolidate and develop student knowledge of content covered in class
  • Allow pupils to practice skills taught in class
  • Support pupil revision for assessments

What if my child is away and not in on the day homework is set?

All homework that is assigned will be logged on Class Charts. If a student is absent from a lesson, it is their responsibility to check Class Charts to see whether any homework has been set. If homework has been set, they will be expected to complete it so that they do not fall behind in their learning.

What if my child does not complete the homework?

If your child does not complete their homework they will be given a one hour detention set that day. If more than one piece of homework is not completed students will be given a two hour detention set that day. All students will be expected to attend their detention in the theatre, after school. If students fail to complete their one hour detention, they will be given a two hour detention the following day. If students fail to attend their two hour detention, this will escalated in line with the whole school behaviour policy. Parents will be notified of the detentions via a text message in the afternoon. Students who persistently fail to complete homework will be expected to attend homework club every week.

What homework support is available for my child?

The following support is available for all students:

  • Homework club: This is run by the pupil support team every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday in B209/B210
  • Lunchtime study club in computer room AG35
  • School website – homework help
  • Departmental subject resources on Google classroom

Thank you for your continued support in your child’s progress at school.