Issues in the Middle East

Some of our students have shown an interest in the issues that have occurred in the Middle East in recent weeks. 

The situation is nuanced and complicated, and we would recommend that those interested in the events look at reputable news sources and history books rather than relying on social media, which can often lead to misinformation and bias (on both sides).

The below article gives information and context to the issues.

In light of the recent heightened tensions in the Middle East and extensive news coverage, we will be exploring this emotive issue after half-term with a series of assemblies and via PSHE lessons, where the emphasis will be around our school cornerstone of ‘Respect’ ‘and tolerance towards those with differing views to our own. 

It is important that we understand that it is fine to disagree with a point of view, but making people feel uncomfortable because of a conflict abroad is unacceptable. 

We hope that the ceasefire holds and a peaceful solution will be found.