Letter to Year 11 Parents/Carers & Students

Dear Parents, Carers and Students, 

We understand that there is quite a lot of uncertainty in schools at the moment with regards to Teacher Assessed Grades and finish dates in particular. This often leads to misinformation being circulated, so we wanted to take the opportunity to clarify and keep you updated on a few points. 

Teacher Assessed Grades (TAGs)

In lieu of examinations, schools have been asked to provide a TAG for each student they teach in their particular subject. This is quite an undertaking, and a range of information needs to be taken into account  – mock exam results, class assessments, class work etc. We have been asked to submit these to the Department for Education by 18 June. The grades we give will then be scrutinized, and we will be asked to provide supporting evidence of the grade – past exam papers, class work etc – it is not just a case of giving a grade. Students will receive their results on 12 August. 

Year 11 End Date 

Because of the deadline for submission of the TAGs, at this point we will expect to keep the students in school until the second week of June; this date is subject to change. The priority is to have all the information that we require from the students to ensure they get the grade that they deserve. Once this is achieved, they will end their time at AMSI. It is vitally important however that students are contactable and able to come into school up to and including 18 June, as it may be the case we need further information from them. We would ask that no holidays are planned until after this date. 

End of Year 11 Celebration

Due to COVID-19 restrictions continuing into the Summer, we will not be able to organise and offer the students a Prom. We do however wish to mark the students’ time here at AMSI, so we will be inviting the students back for a Soiree style event to be held at the school later in the summer. Further details of this will be sent to you in due course.

We will of course update you all with further information when things become a little clearer. 

Thank you for your ongoing support.