Parent Engagement

13th January 2021

Dear Parents/carers

I hope this communication greets you safe and well as we start 2021. We are currently providing remote learning for all students and I am writing to ask for your support with regards to this. 

We have ensured that teachers are delivering remote learning through Google Classrooms using a variety of strategies to do so. 

You should expect:

  • Tasks/activities set on a daily basis
  • Embedded websites used to consolidate learning e.g. Mathswatch, Educake, Google Classroom etc
  • Pre-recorded videos embedded in lessons to explain concepts/teach skills and understanding
  • Live lessons that follow a robust safeguarding criteria
  • Feedback given using emails and/or Google Classroom chat in real time 
  • Engagement calls home from AMSI staff 
  • Assessment of uploaded work from your children

I would encourage you to engage your children by ensuring the following:

  • Ensure your child is ready for schoolwork every morning by registering online
  • Check on your child’s work and that they are following their normal timetable
  • Email the teachers if you have any concerns with the work
  • Feedback to teachers when it is going well.
  • Contact Heads of Years/tutors if any wellbeing concerns arise
  • Read and discuss with your child the forthcoming engagement report that will be shared with you. 
    1 is engagement at all times in learning
    2 is engagement sometimes in learning
    3 is no engagement evidenced at all

The Remote Learning Policy is shared on the website, please click here this gives more detail on what AMSI has committed to providing students with during this way of working.

We all recognise that face to face delivery is the best way to learn but we are getting increasingly more experienced at tailoring our teaching to address a remote delivery. The aim is to maximise its impact with your support. 

I hope this communication is helpful and feel free to contact any of the team at AMSI for further clarification.

Thank you for your ongoing support in these challenging times. 

Yours sincerely

Susan Service