Important Welfare Information for Parents


Registration is at 8.30am for KS3 and 9.25 for KS4. It is recommended that your child arrives at school for 5 minutes early to be ready for registration. Any loss in teaching and learning due to lateness to the classroom will impact on the progress of your child.


A significant factor for students not attending school is illness. This negatively affects their attendance record and their progress. Can you ensure that your child’s absenteeism for this reason is legitimate and support the school in building their resilience when appropriate.

More Information: Attendance

Term time Leave requests

I am writing to you to inform you of a change to the attendance policy here at Arts Media School Islington. This change has been brought about due to new guidance related to health and safety and the safeguarding of young people.

The changes are as follows:

Term time leave will not be automatically authorised. If you believe your child must be absent from school due to exceptional circumstances/reasons then please put this in writing to the Head Teacher for her consideration. Please note that if your child is absent from school without the Head Teacher’s permission you may be issued with a Penalty Notice.

More Information: Family Holidays and Special Leave in Term Time

Illness at school

When a child has fallen ill during the school day, parents/carers will be notified to collect their child to escort them home, should parent/carers not be contactable the child will remain in school.

Medical and Dental appointments

Parents/carers should make all GP and Dental appointments outside of school time. Only Orthodontic and Hospital appointments will be upheld during the school day, your child will need to show a medical appointment card to the reception.
Parents/carers are expected to collect their child prior to any appointment otherwise they will not be authorised to leave the school premises.
Here at AMSI we wish to ensure that we are taking all the necessary measures to guarantee the safety of our young people.

Student ID badges/lunch card

Parents/Carers, please refer to Parent Pay in regards to funds on children(s) lunch cards. Please call Student welfare if you have any concerns.

If lunch passes are lost/broken the replacement charge will cost £2.50, this charge will be added to Parent Pay.

All ID badges must be worn in school and will be part of the uniform check.