Year 11 Parents/Carer Information

Year 11 2019/20

Subject Information for Parents and Carers

Please find some information from our teachers about how you can support your child to achieve the best possible outcomes in May/June 2020. Asking your child what they have been working on can really help them to identify their own gaps; each subject teacher has given some advice for how you can support your child or some useful websites that you could look at together.

We welcome your support, which is key to the overall success of your child. Please make the most of opportunities to buy revision guides at a reduced price which can be done through Parent Pay.  

Thank you in anticipation of your support, and should you require any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact either the teacher or myself.

Julia Stubbs

Deputy Headteacher – Outcomes and Teaching Standards

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English Literature – Edexcel

The specific texts students will study for their GCSEs are below.  

  • Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare
  • An Inspector Calls  by  JB Priestley
  • Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde by RL Stevenson
  • The relationships cluster in the Edexcel poetry

How to revise for English Literature exams:

  • Build in lots of self-quizzing as part of the revision for the literature exams. Test themselves regularly on key quotes- use flashcards and the Leitner Method (there are lots of videos on youtube about how to do this) to make revision more effective.
  • Make a note of the questions, quotes or information that they struggle to recall and prioritise learning this. 
  • Do regular, timed, practice questions. 


Resources to support retrieval practice:

1.Quizlet ( Ms Ackerley has set these up for each of the Literature texts.

  1. ‘English Lit Notes’ quote learning videos on YouTube.
  2. Revision guides given out in class. 
  3. Resources on Google Classroom.

Useful revision websites:

The following sites will have detailed notes on all of the set texts for GCSE English Literature.

Spark Notes: 

Lit Charts:



English Language – AQA

How to revise for English Language exams:

  1. Read widely! Your child should be reading for 30-45 minutes per day. 
  2. Once a week, choose story from a newspaper or online newspaper read it. Then they should summarise what it was about to a friend or relative. This is excellent exposure to the type of text they will get in the real exam, and allows them to practise the important skill of summarising information. 
  3. Make a note of the questions that they struggle with and practise those ones first. 
  4. Do regular, timed, practice questions. 

Useful revision websites:

BBC Bitesize

Maths – Edexcel

How parents can help students in Maths?

Ensure that your child brings all of the necessary equipment such as a Scientific calculator and a pair of compasses as well as a ruler, pencil, eraser, pens and highlighters. Scientific calculators can be purchased at a reduced price through Parent Pay.

Students improve their Maths skills by practicing maths, hence please encourage them:

  1. To use, all students have logins and homework is set on mathswatch regularly. Students are able to watch any topic videos and complete the interactive questions section to ensure they have understood the topic. The password for all students is circle
  2. To use revision guides and workbooks (can be brought from Ms Dattani, two for £5)
  3. Use onlines resources such as (username: AMSISTUDENT, password: AMSI) and to attempt exam style questions. 
  4. Ask their teacher for help if needed on a topic. Always attempt areas you feel are the weakest.

Science – AQAScience – AQA (Triple Class SET 1/Combined Class SET 2-5)

How parents can help students in Science?

Encourage them to bring their revision guides and textbooks  to every lesson so they can highlight key information as they are learning. These are available at a reduced price via Parent Pay.

Use the following websites:

Other free sites which have useful resources are:

Art – AQA

How parents can help students in Art?

  1. Ensure that work is being completed, please check in their planners, also the work will be placed on Google classroom so they can access it.
  2. Ask what they are doing in lesson
  3. Ensure they complete their work/homework in line with the AQA assessment criteria.
  4. Visit at least one museum with them to help them understand the work of artists. The Tate Modern is a very good museum.
  5. Set aside quality time, at least several hours to really spend on their work.

Art Websites

(see what others are doing for inspiration)

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