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Head of Music: Mr. Dow



Record Store Day 2020

In the run up to the “socially distanced” Record Store Day event on Saturday 24th October we will be releasing five of our best YR11 student compositions from June 2020.

Record Store Day 2020


AMSI Unplugged: End of Autumn Term Concert

See playlist of all the performances below:


Year 10 Musicians Perform at the Barbican

As part of the annual Barbican Box music project, our year 10 GCSE music students were given the opportunity to perform on the main stage of the Barbican!

A small group of schools take part in the event to present music made in collaboration, this year, with audio software pioneers Native Instruments, inspired by their 2019 season, Life Rewired.

This was the third year that our music students have taken part in the Barbican Box project and it was another wonderful performance from some very talented students. It also highlights the fantastic benefits and advantages available to students living in London.

Music Concert December 2017

See playlist of all the performances below:

Big Day Out Six students from Arts and Media School performed at the Big Day Out in Whittington Park. Brandon 11A, Meriam 11C and our very own music technician, Fussi Andersen, performed a group piece, Nirvana’s “Smells like team spirit”. Max from 11D performed two of his own piano compositions. Shanice 8A and Karina 8E performed a dance composition which they had created in collaboration with one another. Ex AMSI student Charlie Raphael-Campbell made another return to the Big Day and played several compositions alongside the current AMSI students.

Both our past and present students got the crowd buzzing with more and more people entering the performance space as they heard our students playing, singing and dancing. They performed excellently and positively represented the school.


GCSE Final Composition

Music Concert March 2017 Spring is in the air and Arts & Media School music students have been busy rehearsing through the winter.

See playlist of all the performances below:

Barbican Box Performance February 2017 On Tuesday evening 27th Februaury our YR10 GCSE music group plus six YR9 string players performed at the Barbican Box event. Playing on the main stage at the Barbican at an event hosted by champion beatboxer Bellatrix, they were performing a piece written collaboratively by the YR10 students.

Music Concert December 2016 What better way to see in the festive season than an evening of wonderful musical performances!

Senior Citizens Christmas Lunch Performances 2016

The Music Recital for governors and guests showcased the best classical music talent in the school. More than 40 students performed in ensembles, duets and as soloists to a packed Theatre. Thanks to the Music in Secondary Schools Trust and Guildhall tutors, the Year 7 ensemble performed Beethoven as well as pieces from Vamoosh!