St Mellitus Film Workshop Easter 2021

During the Easter holidays in 2021, the St Mellitus Organ Restoration Project ran a virtual documentary filmmaking workshop for young people aged between 12 -18 years old. AMSI sent two of our year 11 students, Lenny and Rania, to participate. 

The films produced can be viewed on this link:

“The course was an incredible learning activity for me and I enjoyed it very much. This experience has given me courage to get out into the real world and start small – from workshops to apprenticeships. Everyone on the course was friendly and nice and we all had a good time. However, it was a little sad that we had to work online only and not in person. The making of my film was a little hard at the beginning since I didn’t have a clear idea, but as I continued recording it all came together and I finished my film”. Rania Year 11