Exam Results 2019

Provisional Examination Results 2019

As a result of the hard work from our staff and students as well as parental support on the journey, we are pleased to report an increase in the majority of our measures for 2019. We are pleased to announce outstanding results in Biology (100%), PE GCSE (78%), Physics (94%), Religious Education (80%) and Spanish (90%). We also celebrate numerous high grades from 7 – 9  in Geography, History, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, DT, English language, English Literature, Maths, Arabic and French as well as Spanish. 

AMSI Scholars 2019 – Outstanding Achievement

Grade 9, 8 and 7 were dominant on the exam result sheets for Jay Sandhu, Fardeen Monir, Nicolle Sandwell, Ibrahim Miah, Luca Stone, Ketisha Lee Ryan, Umera Pasha, Netta Hakak and Omar Qaalib; they all secured top grades for their ten GCSEs.

These students have been continually recognised for their excellent attitude to learning shown through attendance to school and the intervention provision.  They have shown resilience, self awareness, creativity, self discipline, independence and aspiration. We are proud of all of our students, but take this opportunity to highlight the following as their attainment embodies the school vision of ‘Every Child a Scholar’. All of our scholars have secured places for their Level 3 courses to gain entry to the best Russell Group Universities. 

A significant number of the above students joined us in Year 7 and we would like to recognise the work of the following primary schools from which we have successfully built upon:

Ashmount Junior School; Christ the King Primary School; Drayton Park Primary; Hargrave Park Primary;Holmleigh Primary School;Hungerford Primary School; Pakeman Primary School; Pooles Park Primary; Stroud Green Primary School.

Outstanding Progress

We would like to take this opportunity to recognise the following students for the outstanding progress they made from their relative starting points.

Jay Sandhu, Ansa Ali, Netta Hakak, Ketisha Lee Ryan, Ellie Lawton-Byrne, Fardeen Moniry, Adrianna Wojcik, Eryk Karys, Thalia Rocha, Omar Qaalib, Julia Jawarska, Meysa Mohamed, Adonis Maliqi and Umera Pasha, Suheyl Ahmed, Alban Miftaraj, Abdiaziz Roble and Jasmine Wilding Perez.

Achievement through Adversity

The school would like to recognise the achievement of the following students as they made significant progress due to the support of the school, despite their personal circumstances.

Mehdi Majdouline, Kasia Konsowicz, Julius Lawless, Darnell Poldon, Tiana Hutchinson and Ezra Ekene.

GCSE Exam Performance Data 2019 (Provisional Data)

In August 2019, our students achieved the following:

Cohort113 students*
Attainment 8 - average grade of the best 84.05
Progress 8 -0.21
English and Maths 4+49%
English and Maths 5+34%
EBacc 4+18%
EBacc 5+10%
Students entered and achieving:
2 x Sciences 4+46%
2 x Sciences 5+33%
Language 4+83%
Language 5+62%
Humanities 4+49%
Humanities 5+36%

*the official cohort used by the DfE is 120, but this includes 7 students who did not complete their Key Stage 4 at Arts and Media Islington; as a consequence they did not sit their final examinations. The data presented represents the 113 students for which we were able to make an impact. 

  • Our Progress 8 figure for these 113 students is -0.21
  • 95 students were included in the Progress 8 calculation; students included in the calculation are those with Key Stage 2 data from Primary School. 
  • The official Progress 8 on the DfE Published data is -0.35. 
  • 101 students were included in the DfE Published data.

Individual Subject Results 2019

GCSE 9-1 results (4+,5+ & 7+)

Name9 - 4 %9 - 5 %9 - 7 %
Computer Science604515
English Lang58.338.310.4
English Lit67.55013.2
PE GCSE77.855.611.1
Science - Biology10010052.9
Science - Physics94.182.435.3
Science- Chemistry88.270.635.3
Combined Science - Double Award
Science Combined45.727.11.1
GCSE A* - G Results
A* - C %A* - B %A* - A %
NCFE Results
D* - P %D* - M %D* - D %
NCFE - Level 21004030

Exam Results 2018