Exam Results

Examination Results 2021

Arts and Media School is proud of all of our students and the work they put in towards their GCSEs. As with all schools across the country our students faced the challenge of periods of school closure throughout their courses and the subsequent cancellation of their examinations which they had been working towards. As a centre we submitted Teacher Assessed Grades in line with the guidance to ensure that our students are able to progress onto the next stage of their education. 

We are proud of all of our students, but take this opportunity to highlight the following students as their attainment embodies the school vision of ‘Every Child a Scholar’. All of our scholars are able to access Level 3 courses to gain entry to the best Russell Group Universities. These students have worked hard throughout their time at Arts and Media and have been continually recognised for their excellent attitude to learning. They have shown resilience, self awareness, creativity, self discipline, independence and aspiration.

AMSI Scholars 2021 – Average Grade 6 or above

Every year we celebrate AMSI Scholars who have achieved an average of a grade 6 or above in all of their subjects. This year we celebrate this for a record number of our students: Alex F, Jude, Olivia, Tyler, Zakariya, Tristan W, Rania, Alma, Muadh, Thomas, Ioana, Mir, Tarahan, Lily, Arseniy, Munira, Mohamad, Kennise, Melat, Karina, Kade, Yusra, Roderick, Caua, Samira, Molly, Johnson, Bouthaina, Maria Helena, Yolotzin, Sayema, Tristan, Nicole, Abdulkadir, Abdallah, Hana, Kadirhan, Shanice, Chipo, Maria, Diriye, Leyla, Santiago, Hibo, Alliah Keisha, Nimco and Adam.

Outstanding Achievement – Average Grade 7 or above

Outstanding achievement for Alex, Jude, Olivia, Tyler, Zakariya, Tristan W, Rania, Alma, Muadh, Thomas, Ioana, Mir, Tarahan, Lily, Arseniy, Munira, Mohamad, Kennise, Melat, Karina, Kade and Yusra. 

Outstanding Progress

Lily C.G. has made the most progress in the year group relative to her starting point, and achieved an impressive set of results. Lily has worked relentlessly throughout her time at AMSI to achieve these excellent results. Lily, Rania, Mir, Olivia, Sayema, Hibo, Alma, Caua, Leyla, Samira, Alliah Keisha, Diriye, Melat, Adam, Sabir have all made outstanding progress and we recognise and congratulate them for their achievements.

Excellent Progress

We would like to take this opportunity to recognise and congratulate the following students for their excellent progress relative to their starting points: Maria, Amina, Thomas, Tarahan, Yusra, Zakariya, Selma, Yolotzin, Santiago, Inaam, Tristan W, Alex F, Farhan, Dayo, Daisy, Abdulkadir, Abdallah, Tyler, Tristan, Shanice, Nicole, Roderick, Alex, Zeniya, Rajan and Ketsia.

Primary School Recognition

A significant number of the above students joined us in Year 7 and we would like to recognise the work of the following primary schools from which we have successfully built upon:

Sacred Heart, Buttercup Primary School, St Andrews, Sir Thomas Abney, St Aidans VA, Pakeman, Stroud Green, Pooles Park, Montem,Drayton Park, Duncombe, Hounslow Heath Junior School, Ambler, Newington Green, Weston Park Primary School, Hugh Myddelton, Assunnah Primary School, Grange Primary School and St Josephs Primary School.

Celebrating AMSI Alumni Achievement

We are pleased to announce that our previous scholar Mazin Ali (Year 11 Cohort 2017/18) has been successful in securing a place at Cambridge University.

Mazin follows in the footsteps of Daniel Ash (Year 11 Cohort 2016/17) who is also at Cambridge studying Engineering.

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