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Summer 2021 Results, Appeals and Certificates

For Exams:

  • Full school uniform must be worn to all exams
  • Make sure your phone is off and in your bag before entering the exam room (in public exams phones will be collected).
  • Enter the exam room in silence and follow instructions.
  • At the end of the exam return to your normal timetabled lesson.

JCQ Guidance for Students and Parents on Summer 2021


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Exams Summer 2021 – Contingency Arrangements

Frequently asked questions:

Q. What if I miss an exam because I have to isolate?

A. If you have already sat other exams in the subject, we will ask for evidence you have had to isolate. We will use this evidence to request a Special Consideration. This means the Awarding Body (exam board) will look at your other papers sat in that subject (including NEA) and give an estimated overall grade. 

Q. What if I miss all the exams in a subject because I have to isolate?

A. You will sit ‘Contingency papers’ for any subjects where you have missed all the papers.

Q. When will I sit the ‘Contingency papers’ ?

A. Contingency papers will be sat not sooner than 10 school days after the last paper in the subject. 

Q. Does this mean have to sit exams into July?

A. Yes – you must be available to sit exams until 16 July. You can not miss an exam due to a holiday and still receive a grade.

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