GCSE Results 2020

Centre Number: 10347

For Exams:

  • Full school uniform must be worn to all exams
  • Make sure your phone is off and in your bag before entering the exam room (in public exams phones will be collected).
  • Enter the exam room in silence and follow instructions.
  • At the end of the exam return to your normal timetabled lesson.

2019 Exam Results

Department for Education GCSE Parent Factsheet


Exam PoliciesDate
Exams Policy2019-2020
Summer 2020 Results and Appeals processJuly 2020
Internal Appeals Procedures2020-2021
Exam Contingency Plan2020-2021
Non-examination assessment policy2020-2021
Special consideration policy2019/2020
Disability policy (exams)2019-2020
Access Arrangements Policy2020-2021
Word processor policy (exams)2020-2021
Policy for the management of controlled assessments2017-2018