Dear Parents and Carers 

As promised, I am writing to update you with the current situation regarding the staff absence at Arts and Media School Islington. 

Since writing to you yesterday, our staff shortage has increased due to the fact that we have had 2 more positive cases reported in Year 7 and 9 because of the family connection of the initial positive case reported yesterday in Year 10. We therefore now have over a third of the teaching staff absent for sickness or COVID related isolation. The guidance to isolate if identified as a close contact must be followed to ensure that all staff and students are safe. 

As a result, we have regrettably had to take the decision to close the school to all students next week. We will of course monitor this as the week progresses and will increase our provision if we are able to. You will be updated on Tuesday as to our current position then. 

We will however be able to provide supervision for our vulnerable students/keyworkers with the staff that we have in school. They will access the learning provision in their year group bubble as staff deliver their lessons remotely as directed. Our pastoral staff will be in contact to invite these students in. 

We also have to consider the balance between the increased supply teachers needed to provide learning; if we are able to source them and providing a purposeful learning environment. 

I have discussed the extended situation with Public Health, the Local Authority and our Chair of Governors to take this decision; it has not been done lightly. We once again, apologise for the additional disruption to learning and your home life. We are however confident that we will be able to open fully on the 7th December based on the period of isolation that is associated with our COVID context. 

I am very grateful for your continued patience and understanding as well as your commitment to supporting your child’s learning and progress during this enforced absence from school. Students should access work from Google Classrooms as staff who are not ill will be setting work to be completed. Students have been emailed the Independent Learning booklets that were posted home recently and these will be used as additional resources to support home learning. 

Remote Learning expectations 

Dear Parents, 

At Arts and Media School, we are committed to providing continuity of education to our learners and will do so through a process of remote (online) learning. Staff will be delivering remote lessons during this period of closure. Both students at home and vulnerable students on site will access this. 

Parents could you please: 

  • Encourage and support your children’s work, including finding an appropriate place 
  • to work, checking that set work is completed and ensuring they have some 
  • structure to the working day: start and finish times and appropriate breaks. 
  • Contact the pupil’s tutor/teacher if there are any concerns. 
  • Use the guides for how to access Google Apps (GMail, Classroom, etc.) on the school website.

    Please ensure students follow the advice below during this period of school closure.
  1. Students should retain the structure to their working day. That means they should follow their school timetables. Staff will be available during these times as well.
  2. Students must log on each day to Google Classroom and complete the work set by teachers. When they have finished the work, it should be submitted via Google Classroom or the learning platform being used for the lesson e.g. Maths Watch, Educake, etc.
  3. Students must communicate with their teachers or Head of Year if they are having difficulties with accessing the work.
  4. If a student needs support, they should contact their teacher through Google Classroom or via email (48 hour window for response ).
  5. All communication with teachers must be polite and respectful. 
  6. At the end of the day students will complete an Attendance and Engagement Register.
    Use the link below.
    Attendance and Engagement Register.
  7. Independent Learning Booklets have been sent to students by their school emails. This is to supplement the learning resources already provided on Google Classroom. 

If you have any questions relating to this matter or require any additional information, please contact the school via our usual email address: contact@amsi.school 

Kind regards 

Susan Service
Head teacher