Year 11: Return to school and Mock Exams

Dear Students,

We hope you have had a good break thus far and that you and your families are well. 

In light of the announcement from the Government on 30/12/20, you will not be returning to school until 11/1/21. However, we will be delivering remote learning from 4/1/21 and it is expected that you engage fully in order to prepare for your mock examinations which will begin on 11/1/21. 

These mock examinations are important assessments and to prepare fully, it is vital that you take advantage of the time at home to revise fully. 
If you need any support from your teachers, please remember that we are here to help you and can be easily contacted via email.

Finally, today is the last opportunity to sign up for the Eton college course, please take advantage of this offer. You have until the summer to complete it, but have to activate your account by today. It is an excellent opportunity, not to be missed. 

Best wishes and a ‘Happy New Year!’,

Mrs Stubbs