Year 7 2020: Welcome to Arts & Media School Islington

To our new Year 7 students, we are delighted that you have accepted a place at Arts & Media School Islington and we look forward to meeting you and your parents soon.

We know that you might be a little nervous about starting your new school so, to make things a little easier, we will be doing everything we can to help you learn as much as possible about AMSI before you arrive in September.

Over the next few weeks we will be adding information, guides and introductions to key people at the school to help with your transition from Year 6 to Year 7.

So let’s get started with an introduction from your Head of Year, Mr Lawson, and a tour of Arts & Media School.


Introduction to all our Year 7 form tutors for September 2020


Year 6-7 Transition Frequently Asked Questions

Where can you buy the school uniform?

How soon can the school uniform be purchased?

Is it possible to purchase the school uniform online?
Arts and Media school uniforms can be purchased from Rough Cuts Casuals.This is located in Islington. 16 Chapel Market, The Angel London N1 9EZ
This can be purchased from July 2020.
This can also be purchased online.
I understand there will be no induction day. Will Arts and Media be replacing the event with something else?Due to COVID 19 and as a precaution.The school will not be open for the induction day so we will be uploading various videos about the school for your child to watch and feel at ease.
Will there be a summer school in August?At the time of publishing this document, there is no summer school in operation over August 2020.
What day will the school commence back in september?Year 7s will start at AMSI on the 7th September 2020.
Will the whole school be back on the same day as year 7 or will year 7 be in school for a few days first?Year 7s will have their own induction day on the 7th September 2020.
How can I apply for free school meals?This can be done through the AMSI school website, under the tab parents taking you to islington page Islington Schools Citizen Portal
How often will my child receive homework?Each week HW will be set 2 times per week for Year 7.
What does the school consider to be unhealthy snacks?Anything with high levels of sugar or fat is considered unhealthy:
• Fizzy drinks (e.g. coca cola, energy drinks etc.)
• Doughnuts.
• Chocolate.
• No fried Crisps.
• Sweets.

Examples of snacks which are allowed:
• Whole Wheat or sun dried corn crisp.
• Natural fruit Juice.
• Flavoured water.
• Low fat cereal bars
• Fresh fruit
What time does my child need to be in schoolSchool begins at 8.15am. We would expect students to have already arrived by 8.10am.
How long are school breaks?Morning break starts at 10.35am and ends at 10.50am all students are expected to be making their way to class by 10.45am ensuring they are not late to class

Lunch time begins at 12.40pm and will end at 1.20pm all students are expected to making their way to lessons from 1.15pm to ensure they are on time
Can my child come earlier to school than 8.15am?We run a free breakfast club which begins at 8am.
What school equipment will my child need?Your child will need to have basic equipment in a pencil case:
• Scientific calculator.
• Ruler.
• Pencil.
• Selection of black, blue and red pens.


AMSI Education Mental Health Practitioner Assembly

We would like to share this video introducing you to the Islington Mental Health Services Team who will be based at AMSI from September 2020. 

If , at any point, you feel that you have any concerns which you would like to talk about, please fill in the attached application form and email it to Assistant Head: Ms Begum, Head of SEN: Ms Harris or Safeguarding Lead: Ms Morgan.

Islington’s Schools Well-being Service